Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little One

Wow! We are past 24 weeks! We found out on December 30th that you are a girl! We are so excited! I made a cake when we got home the ultrasound, and then had the kids cut it after dinner. Ewan figured out that it was pink! It took him a few minutes to be okay with it. He has been surrounded by girls for a very long time. Don't worry. Uncle Blair was surrounded by girls for a while, but then he got six younger brothers! Ewan asked me to "try again" for a brother. I told him I'd do my best. We've been throwing out names since we found out! We'll find one, and it'll fit! Don't worry. We've been struggling with a headcold for a few weeks. It's been kind of miserable with stuffy noses, runny noses, coughs and slight fevers. I haven't been able to smell for over three weeks, and was feeling pretty relieved from the nausea and  vomiting. But, the cold is gone and now I am back to visiting the bathroom quite frequently. You like to show me who is in charge. Rest assure, I have known that the baby is in charge long before you came around! Last night the girls were wondering why I was sick again. I was explaining the whole chemical thing, and how all of them caused me to be very sick throughout my pregnancy, and that the twins were the worst! We started talking about IVs, and trips to the hospital, and how if Mommy doesn't eat, the baby doesn't get what she needs. It lead us to a discussion on metabolism and how are stomachs and intestines work. I can only imagine how it sounds to 5 year olds! Oh well. They will have some pretty interesting things to tell their kindergarten teacher today! Well, we are so excited! We pray for you every night. Aunt Kathleen had her baby on Tuesday, which made me all the more excited to have you here!

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The Clark's said...

Know how you feel with the headcold! Its struck me too, although I'm finally getting better! Hope the nausea goes away for ya!