Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little One (November 3)

Little One,
   We had another doctor's appointment around 12.5 weeks. I had to take Elin and Ewan with me. They got to hear your very strong heartbeat! Ewan figured out that something was going on, so he ended up telling the girls about you! They were very excited! They couldn't decide on a boy or a girl, so for now they believe there is a boy and a girl in there...very exciting! The morning sickness isn't getting better. If I stay up with my medicine, I'm able to function. But, if I miss a dose, it's like I've lost a whole day. Kind of a bummer, but better than nothin'. The twins had school off on a Thursday and Friday a few weeks ago, so I took the four kids to Aunt Kathleen's house in Peoria for a visit. They really had a good time with their cousins. Aunt Kathleen is expecting a little boy in January! More cousins! We drove through Gilbert, and visiting my friend Jenni for lunch. It was a good visit. And then, we drove to North Tucson to get Elin's cast off. What an ordeal! Your older sister is a pretty active toddler. Her "water-proof" cast stuck to her skin pretty good. The doctor and nurses had to soak the cloth to get it away from her skin. She was pretty raw and bloody, and very sore. They didn't give me anything to cover her with, just kind of said, "Good luck". So, we drove home and fast as we could to get her in the shower and bandaged up so she wouldn't itch it. Boy, did she want to itch it! It took her a week and a half to walk on her owey leg. Elin still has a little limp, but she's getting better. We go in again tomorrow for a follow-up. Ewan had a birthday! He turned 4! And what a good four year old he is. He got some trains and building tubes and clothes. He is ready to teach you all about them you get here! I think people are starting to figure something is going on even though we haven't really told very many people. I told some ladies at Book Club, because I had a little episode in the bathroom after drinking a little too much water. I worried that people heard me. I don't think they did...Oh well. I think we're still going to wait. 14 weeks! We're into the 2nd trimester! I'd really like to go running sometime. I think Daddy and I will go on a running date this weekend!

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