Sunday, December 19, 2010

December in Arizona

Things have been a little busy this month. It seems that as Christmas approaches, things get busier and busier! We're looking forward to visiting family, and enjoying some time together. We've really enjoyed winter in Arizona so far. We spend mornings playing at the park in short-sleeves, weekends having picnics, and evenings sitting on the porch watching shooting stars and drinking hot chocolate (vanilla for me). We had our ultrasound on the 17th to see how our little person is doing. Things look good! We're excited to open all the boxes of little GIRL clothes we've had stored. This little girl will be able to have a "blow-out" and replace her outfit with the same one! We have two names on a list...hopefully we'll figure this out before she arrives! We're now counting down! YAY!
Here are a few pictures. Sorry, they're a little mixed up!
This is baby #4 at 14 weeks

"Hi Mom!"

This is between 20 and 21 weeks. This ultrasound wasn't very good. I have admit, I'm not completely convinced this baby is a girl...She tech was really bad!

Picnic with pudding. Ewan likes pudding!

They love blocks and towers!


Aislee is leaning on Olivia for balance. Like mother like daughter!

Ewan is my big helper! He loves the broom!

He finds it every time I open the laundry room.

Aislee is a good buddy!

We color a lot!

There he is again with that broom. Maybe he'll get a little on for Christmas...

Playing on the floor with Daddy.

He's gonna be a balla!

Olivia's right handed.

Ewan catching some air.

Aislee going in to kiss Ewan.

Olivia catching air.

Olivia again.

Our picnic.


We do a babysitting exchange with another couple in our ward. They have four, but kept their youngest. We got to see what it's like to have six under 7. Popcorn, apple juice, and Kung-Fu Panda keeps everyone happy!

More pudding!

Paul and Aislee have races around the kitchen while pushing Ewan and Olivia in the stroller. Cheap entertainment!