Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The flu!

We got hit with the flu. It was like a huge semi that plowed itself through our home, leaving many sprawled on the couch and floor moaning in pain and begging for relief. Yes, it was that bad! I don't know if it was our second bout of it, but we were hit with something earlier in January that was not very pleasant either. But, this flu...of heavens! this flu has wiped us out! It hit poor Olivia first. We went to Phoenix for Paul's sister's baby's blessing on Saturday. Olivia was not feeling so hot Sunday morning, and slept most of the day. We didn't want to stay too long since we worried about infecting anyone else with whatever it was we had. That evening everyone was kind of out of it and just laying around the house. Paul woke up Monday not feeling very well and decided to stay home. If you know Paul, that is unheard of! He never takes off work! Even when we're leaving for vacation and we've planned out our PTO for the year, he still works a lot the week that we're leaving so we have ample PTO...we carry over the maximum every year! I was shocked. The kids were all complaining about headaches and hurting everywhere. We just hung out on the couch, watching movies and trying to keep the fevers at bay with tylenol and motrin. Monday afternoon was when I started feeling not-so-great. Ewan started to complain about his ears hurting. That evening, everyone crashed pretty early. I called the pediatrician the next morning to get the four kids in. Strep had been going around, and I wanted to make sure we got people started on medicine before it got really bad. We couldn't see our regular pediatrician, but all of the doctors in her practice are fantastic! I don't mind driving 45 minutes for a great doctor! She checked everyone out and asked me some questions seeing that I was 26 weeks pregnant and obviously not feeling very well either. She confirmed that it was indeed the flu, and a bad one. I made sure the kids all wore masks while we were in there because there were a lot of little babies there for newborn screenings. We got out with many sympathetic looks from the nurses and other moms in the waiting room. Rest, fluids, more rest, and no school for the rest of the week was the treatment. We were so sick. I was tired on the drive home too! Paul returned to work because he said he honestly got more rest at work than at home when he wasn't feeling good. (!!) It's true. So, we spent the next few days lying around, taking naps, drinking lots, and trying to stay comfortable. Ewan and Elin would come and lay with me in my bed while the twins slept on the couch as Disney movies played in the background. One afternoon Ewan and Elin moaned and cried for a good ten minutes before finding a comfortable position on the bed and falling asleep for a few hours with me. We didn't eat much, because we had no appetite. There were a few days where they would ask for lunch right around 5pm. Paul also had his midterm that week. He stayed at work and worked on it for a few hours. When he'd come home, we'd get the kids to bed which was not hard at all! They were exhausted. He'd help me clean up any toys that we dragged out of the playroom, and arrange the pillows and beanbags for the next day. Dinner consisted of cereal and toast for the most part. We went through a gallon of apple juice, and cranberry juice. By Friday, people were starting to feel better. Ewan was starting to complain about his ear more. I was actually feeling okay, and then Friday evening hit me. I was so stuffed up that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sleep! Every time I closed my mouth I felt like I was drowning. The next morning, we actually had breakfast and everyone ate. I was struggling though. Paul had to work on his midterm, it was due at 5pm. We decided not to go to the ward Chili Cook-off. I was on the couch trying to breathe while the kids took turns laying with me. Paul finally finished his midterm around 3pm. I was not in any shape to do anything. So, he took Ewan to the grocery store. It may have taken him 2+ hours to get everything, and he called almost every 10 minutes with questions, but everything was purchased! We were going to survive the next week! Well, at least we were going to have food. We decided to stay home from Church. We were still napping a lot! I finally decided that I needed some help! I hadn't slept at night, I was in serious pain around my head. I went into Urgent Care. Sure enough, I had a secondary infection from the flu. Sinus infection. The doctor felt bad for me and kept telling me how hard the flu is on a pregnant lady. He's right! It was hard...really hard. He sent me home with antibiotics and well-wishes for healthy rest of my pregnancy as did the nurses. We also filled Ewan's antibiotic for his ear. He's stopped complaining about it. The twins are back to school, and are fine. I'm starting to feel a little better. And, the morning sickness is back! Either I am sick with a cold, or the flu and can't breathe, or I am throwing up anything I have ever even thought of eating. The baby is doing great! She moves all the time! I mean, all the time! She'll fit right in! We're glad to be on the mend.