Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas 2012!

This year we went to Oklahoma to spend Christmas with Paul's family. We left the Thursday evening before and drove through the night. We've driven many times to Oklahoma, and I'd have to say that I like driving through the night the best. Yes, you're exhausted the next day(s), but the kids were in and out of consciousness, there weren't many drivers out, and we didn't really need to stop to eat because we had dinner before leaving. It also didn't seem as long because it was dark the entire time we drove. We didn't have to watch the sunrise and set...! We had a really good time. We loved being able to spend time with family. The kids got to know their aunts, uncles, and cousins a little bit better. Aislee clung to Uncle Zak and Uncle Matt. She was also found stealing Aunt Chelsea's make-up on more than one occasion. Ewan enjoyed being around more boys! For the first little while, our girls were the only granddaughters at the house. They all loved the bounce house! It took Elin a little while to warm upto it, but once she saw the big kids having fun, she couldn't be kept away! Paul and I got to go to the Oklahoma City Temple for a day/night. We also went to the movie theater twice! Yeah, you heard me...twice! We enjoyed ice cream runs to Braums and Jared's, face card games, excellent food, and story-telling from our teens. I had my first pedicure! Still trying to figure out if I'm okay with people touching my feet...! But, they're still pretty. After two weeks, it was time for us to come home. We left early Thursday morning and drove all. day. long. We miss family! But, it's nice to be home and getting back into the swing of things. We hope it doesn't take much longer to get our routine back! And, for Aislee to realize she's not getting her ears pierced for a few more ears, make-up is not an everyday thing, and she doesn't need every necklace!