Monday, July 1, 2013

Us and Stuff

June has been pretty busy! We've stayed home, but we've been working on projects and trying to stay cool. It has been extremely warm! We were excited to get our first real monsoon of the season last night. There was a lot of lightning and thundering, and a good amount of rain. Just what we need. It seems like sometimes the weeks go slow and the weekends go fast! We're grateful for good friends that we can have playdates with! I took the kids swimming all by myself for the first time a few weeks ago. It wasn't so bad. The girls are pretty independent with their arm floaties. Ewan is extremely cautious and just walks around the kiddie area. And, Elin doesn't really want to get in the water. She just likes wearing a swimsuit and eating crackers and drinking juice. When she was in, she just clung to me. There were several other moms with kids. It was nice to get out of the house, wear the kids out, and visit:) This past week was our Stake Girls Camp up Mt. Lemmon. I was going to go longer than I did, but a young woman was only able to leave Thursday to go up. So, we met Paul at work and switched cars and headed up the mountain. It was a lot cooler! I've never really been into Girls Camp. I think it's wonderful and everything, but a lot of teenage girls in one area for a week just seems like trouble to me. I was pleasantly surprised with the Stake and how well things went. They had us camping in levels, so I didn't get to really see my girls very much. It was still neat to get to know other girls and leaders. There was very little reception, so I just turned my phone off after attempting to text Paul and let him know I made it. I got home Saturday afternoon after taking some of the girls home. The house was clean, the laundry was done, and the kids were all fed. I was very excited to see them and Paul. (I think they were excited to see me too). Ewan picked out a beautiful arrangement of flowers for me. He is extremely thoughtful. I may go out of town more often...;-) I'm glad to be home! 
More of the wall. We've got it pretty much figured out. We went to order block, but the place didn't have enough pallets. So we had to wait a little while. They will be delivered tomorrow! YAY!

Sunday morning breakfast. We don't have Church until 1, so we eat a really big breakfast before Paul goes to meetings.

Ready to go!

We've been coming up with projects and activities to keep ourselves occupied.

And we perform puppet shows...a lot!

These are the before pictures of the girls' hair.

And the afters

I just think this one is cute!