Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We're still alive!

It's been a while since I've posted. September has been a busy month. Here's our recap. I turned 27. Yeah, I know...I'm getting closer to 30. One weekend, as I was taking our babysitter home we were talking about stuff and she mentioned that someone in the ward turned 30. And then she quickly said, "I never want to turn 30!" I guess when you're 12, 30 is pretty old! I'm not really scared of turning 30. But, 31 is a whole other story! I got new running shoes, a GPS watch (finally!), a running belt so I don't have to lug my big water bottle running pack around all the time, gift cards, and plenty of hugs and kisses. That same day, Elin had a little accident at church. We thought she might have pulled her elbow or shoulder out of the socket. So, I took her to the Urgent Care during the last two hours. It was a first visit ever to Urgent Care! She was so sad! And, so was I. They did an x-ray, and it came back normal. By the time they got the x-ray back, she was moving her arm normally, had stopped crying, and got a Popsicle from the nurses. We're glad it was normal! On Monday (Labor Day), Paul took me out on a date. We went to Lowe's for two hours and talked about house projects. I don't think we got something to eat since it was during the day, but we had a good time making lists (!!) of projects we'd like to do in the house, and outside of the house. The following week, Paul left for a business trip to Connecticut. It was really his first business trip, but will probably not be his last. I thought about going to Utah while he was gone, but ended up staying home. It was pretty hot here, and still is. We tried to go to the park early in the morning before it got too warm. We're looking forward to the under 90 degree weather! Hurry up Arizona Fall! We really haven't had too many exciting things happen. Paul's been gone a lot! I mean, A LOT with class and projects. We try to squeeze as much stuff into the weekends when he is here, but sometimes he's working on projects on the weekends too. We'll be excited for Christmas when we get him for two whole weeks! And then we won't see him again until April...:-/ We'll have to make this summer super exciting with lots of trips and adventures! The kids are all doing fine. We're not doing preschool or anything. It's more of a "Mommy school" where we run through flashcards of the alphabet, sing lots of songs, color lots of pictures, read lots of books, take turns playing preschool apps on the iphone, and take naps. I thought about it a lot, but decided with Paul's schedule and this being my last year to go whenever I wanted, that preschool wouldn't quite fit with us. Ewan is picking up on all the things the twins are doing. He knows all his letters, picks out his favorites (E-W-A-N), talks a lot, wants to make sure you're paying attention to him when he's talking either by grabbing your face or getting louder, and carries around a bag with his cars in them. Elin is beginning to talk more. She loves to play with the big kids. She sings along to whatever we have on. She's way too attached to her bear, Finnigan, and blanket. Olivia is into hiding things. She hides my phone all the time. I've had to facebook message my mom to call it a few times. I've been finding random drawers stuffed with random things. I'm worried she's going to be a hoarder! Aislee is full of excitement to learn. She loves to write her letters, read, and sing. She's been pretending to be a puppy, Olivia's puppy a lot. She doesn't talk when she's a puppy, just barks. Well, that's us for now. Ewan just woke up from his nap.
Post-run shot. Sorry about the frizz-ball mess. My hair seems to get curlier with each pregnancy! I don't know what to do with it.

Ewan and the cars.

Aislee getting ready to read books.

Just hanging out.

Olivia asked to be tickled!

Stories with Daddy.

Elin loves the tub!
This is Olivia singing Nephi's Courage. I posted another video a week ago, but it was of them singing in the bathtub. I didn't notice that Ewan stood up for a half a second...someone flagged me. I honestly didn't see it, and truly did not mean to expose my child to the world since I uploaded it onto youtube. I feel really bad about it. I was kind of upset when they flagged me because there are much worse things on youtube, but I'm somewhat grateful that they caught the nudity (oops!) of a toddler so quickly. I would have rather had someone tell me before they flagged it. I would have taken it off on my own. It has taught me to not post bathtub videos, even if it's one of the only times I can get them to be one place for a time. I truly apologize to anyone who saw it before it was taken down. I really didn't intend for that to happen. I was trying to follow Olivia singing. I hope I am forgiven.