Sunday, January 30, 2011


I thought that my 100th post might be something kind of important, but it's not. This is just an update on us. We're just hanging out, trying to stay busy, and enjoying the warmth of AZ winters. I started doing a little preschool with a few of the ladies in our neighborhood for the girls. It's twice a week for an hour and a half. The girls enjoying spending time with other kids, doing craft things, and learning all the sounds of the alphabet. Ewan and I enjoy spending time together. I've figured out that it's a lot easier to take one to Wal-Mart. The twins are starting to show a little interest in potty-training. Olivia has been a little more interested than Aislee, but I think we'll wait a little longer. I don't want to push them, or stress myself out. Diapers aren't so bad. My mom says, " Life is too short to spend so much time sitting on the edge of the tub." I think she's right, so we'll take it a little slow. The twins love being outside with Paul while he works on the trampoline hole. He's done quite a bit of it, and he's only worked on it for one weekend. Paul is enjoying the winters here also. We want to get the yard a little more functional before he starts the master's program in January of 2012. He got into the Johns Hopkins program that Raytheon does. We're very excited, but a little nervous having four little ones and a busy Daddy. Ewan is just getting bigger and figuring out life. He likes to follow the twins around wherever they go. He likes action and being busy. He'd do a very good job coloring if he'd stop putting every crayon in his mouth. He's still our good sleeper and eater. Ewan's working on not biting the twins when they get him frustrated. We've had to have a few Family Home Evenings on biting and what to do when Ewan bites. The twins say, "Ouch baby. Teeth or for eating." This pregnancy has been a lot easier than the last two. I still take medicine for the morning sickness, but it's really not as bad. Smells get me sometimes, and I look forward to being able to exercise. I have to pick paint colors for the house soon so that I can get some projects checked off my list before the baby comes. It's hard to pick a color that you're gonna have to look at every day for a while!  The baby is fine as far as we know. We're still not quite sure what we're having, but we'll take the ultrasound and call the baby a "her" for now. I haven't had an appointment for a while (almost 8 weeks) because my OB had to reschedule due to a death in the family, and then rescheduled me again. My next appointment is February 11th. Other than playing the waiting game, we're doing pretty well. Here are some pics of the latest adventures at the Burkinshaw household.

Helping me clean the house.

Riding the broom.

Ewan always smiles when he sees I have the camera.

Bath time crazy hair (Olivia).

We were telling them to cover themselves for the picture. They did a pretty good job.

Ewan is sleep eating while we drove.

He loves oatmeal!

The hole. It's actually a little deeper now. They really like the help him, but I only let them really get out there when he's been out for a while and I need him to come inside. It doesn't take long for him to not get a whole lot done and want to get everyone inside.

Saturday morning bubble bath in Mom and Dad's tub.

We got these chairs before Christmas so they could sit on the porch and watch Paul shovel. They like to watch movies in 'em.

26 weeks and 4 days. Just counting down!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This topic has been on my mind for the last week or so. Paul and I were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting this coming Sunday, and our topic is "our divine nature and destiny" stated from The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Since, I feel that our divine nature and destiny is to create families, I'll be speaking on the divine role of mothers. I talked to my mom about it a lot because she is a mother of ten, and always has very good insight. She's also spoken many times and usually has a talk that fits right in with the topic. Being a mother does have it's challenges, especially when so many people think you're absolutely crazy for doing it. But, it has so many more rewards. While I was researching, actually I was blog stalking a friend of mine, I found an interesting article she posted about a woman who is obsessed with reading "Mormon Mommy Blogs". I found it quite fascinating that this woman; atheist, single, "overly educated" as she put it, would be so interested with the everyday in-and-outs of these stay-at-home Mormon women. I highly doubt that anyone outside of our circle of friends and acquaintances read my blog. Anyway, this women talked about these "Mormon Mommies" with super-attentive husbands, Gap model children, perfect homes, and crafts up the wazoo. I will admit that I have a very attentive husband, but I'm glad when my kids are clean, my feet don't stick the kitchen floor, and I don't have any hand-crafts around the house at present. What makes the stay-at-home mom so fascinating? In this article, it seemed that this woman was saying that women who choose to stay-at-home are uneducated, unable to do things outside of the home, or trying to fit in a cultural norm. I read many of the responses to her article, and found that most of them were feeling a little resentful at her article and how she portrayed "picture perfect" mothers who probably took large amounts of prescription drugs to compete with one another. I had to laugh! Most of the stay-at-home moms that I know and associate with are well-educated, highly-motivated, inventive women who try their very best to do what they love to do; be a mommy. There houses aren't always perfect, their children may have peanut butter on their shirts, she may have to turn off a football game to get her husband to make eye-contact with her, but she's doing the best she can, and are usually too busy with the household of children to compete with anyone. This may be silly to blog about, especially since I don't usually share my thoughts on controversial things on my blog (maybe that's why no one comments...), but I'd been thinking about my role as a mother for a while, and had some thoughts.  It's really what I always wanted to do. I did have a Plan B. I wanted to be a pediatrician, but Paul found me during my junior year at BYU, in the midst of O-chem, Functional Anatomy, and Nutrition Through the Life-Cycles, classes I use every day! Although there may be days when I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't meant the sweetest, kindest, cutest guy to sweep me off my feet, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother, to be surrounded by good women who are mothers, to have examples such as my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, mother and very capable sisters that help guide me through the chocolate stains, peanut buttered couches, and apple juice spills. The influence of mothers (women) reaches far and wide throughout the world. Who are we without our mothers, those good women who nurture, love and care for us inside and outside our home? A friend of my mom's posted this about my late sister, " I remember when Tessa and Wes were in Nursery. I thought Tessa was the cutest and smartest girl ever, not to mention, very well-behaved! Then I found out why. Megan was patiently and lovingly teaching her in the hallway at church. I was very impressed and I wished I could be more like her in teaching my own child. She was a great example to me even though I didn't know her very well." We never know who we can influence as a mother, especially when no one is watching or when we think no one is reading. I hope that woman who wrote that article continues to stalk those blogs, maybe someday she'll see us a little differently when she becomes a mother.
My mom and the twins right before I had Ewan.

Paul's Mom dancing with Ewan.

The Einfeldts

Mary (my sister-in-law), Blair and their three girls.

Arianne (my sister), Adam, and their five kids.

Me, Mom, Grandma Crimin at the twins' blessing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

African Safari

Entering the Safari.
Olivia and the giant turtle

Walking with the elephants.

That's probably not the best place to be...

or there.

They got to ride the elephant.

They tried to ride the large lizards.

Ewan just enjoyed walking around.

Aislee petting the small turtles.


Olivia petting the turtles.

We stopped to pet the lion pride. They were busy drinking at the river, so the girls  hopped on for a ride.

They weren't too fond of the hippo. He was standing on a small turtle.

Paul and Ewan.

Olivia liked to ride everything! She got on the pig all by herself.

Paul wanted Ewan to join.

Ewan tried to escape early.

Olivia couldn't get up to the Big Horn Sheep, but she kept asking to ride one.
Since the weather has been so nice here (70s), we decided to go to the safari trail to see the animals. It was a little too warm for a jacket, but the twins insisted on wearing one. We walked down the trail and met the various African (or not-so-African) animals that we came across. It was kind of fun to see the kids' reactions to the animals. Olivia didn't seem scared at all. Aislee and Ewan on the other hand were a little apprehensive, but Aislee came around very quickly after she realized that they were not real and could not hurt her.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bushel and a Peck

 It's interesting how things stick with you even after years, and years. As I rocked Ewan to sleep tonight and sang the same song I sing to him every night, I couldn't help but think of my sister, Megan. Actually, every time I sing it, I think of Megan. "I love you a bushel and a peck." I remember sitting in her apartment in Georgia, listening to her sing to her little guy, Wesley. She would sing this song over and over, and leave out certain words that he would fill in. Wesley knew that his mommy loved him more than anything. As Megan added to her family, she continued to sing this song to her kids. I remember her singing it for Tessa, and then Krissy. It's a very simple song. It probably doesn't really make sense to many of us anymore because we don't use such measurements, but the message it contains; "I love you more than you can imagine." It's just interesting how such little things, little songs stick with you. I can't imagine singing that song with out picturing Wesley and Megan; Wesley filling in the "peck" and giving "hugs around the neck." I hope my kids know that I love them more than they can imagine.
The ten of us before Rand left on his mission, and a few months before Megan past away.

Arianne, Megan and Me

Megan at Lake Powell with Wesley, Tessa, and baby Krissy.

Megan keeping Tessa safe.

Sweet baby Krissy.

Tessa Lou

Wesley (Westifer)

Wesley and Uncle Joel (I just love this picture)

The four older kids, Christmas of '86.

Christmas of '85.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Since it's a new year, and last year I didn't post our New Year's resolutions until February, I figured it was a good idea to do them now. We'll do a recap of last year to see how well we did and what we need to do this year.

Ewan (2010):
  • Sleep through the night
  • Crawl and walk
  • Keep up with the sisters
  • Eat crackers
  • Try apple juice
  • Avoid getting sat on by the sisters
What has he done?
He's our best sleeper and would probably sleep longer if the twins didn't come in and wake him up.
He's a walking machine! He keeps up with everyone pretty well.
He eats plenty of crackers and loves apple juice!
He gets sat on sometimes, but he's big enough to give it right back.

Ewan (2011)
  • Grow more hair
  • Start talking
  • Be the best big brother ever
  • Eat with a fork and spoon (and not dump eating bowl on the floor)
Aislee (2010):
  • wake up happy from naps
  • go down the slide all by herself
  • go to nursery with a smile
  • sleep in a big girl bed
  • give more hugs and kisses to Ewan and Livi
What has she done?
We still need to work on waking up happier from naps, but we're getting better.
She can climb up the ladder and go down any slide all by herself!
She goes to nursery pretty well as long as Mommy doesn't take her.
She sleeps very well in a big girl bed
She is a very good hugger and kisser.
Aislee (2011):
  • Get potty-trained
  • Eat a whole meal without saying, "not this"
  • Do a summersault on the trampoline
  • Continue to give hugs and kisses
Olivia (2010):
  • only give hugs and kisses to Aislee and Ewan
  • learn to say "okay, Mom" instead of "no, no no"
  • share her toys
  • sleep in a big girl bed
  • eat dinner without having to be semi-naked
What has she done?
She's also a very good hugger and kisser.
She says, "Okay, Mom" and thanks me when I change her diaper.
She's learning to be a better sharer. She knows she has to "trade" if she wants a toy.
She sleeps very well in her big girl bed.
They eat pretty well fully-dressed. It's more for my convenience if we take their shirts off
Olivia (2011):
  • Get potty-trained
  • Eat some vegetables
  • Pick up play-room
  • Continue to give more hugs and kisses
  • Be the best BIGGEST sister
Molly (2010):
  • run a half-marathon in May and then keep running
  • go on a real date with Paul at least once a month
  • read more books
  • not stress out about little things
  • give more hugs and kisses
What did she do?
I didn't get to run the half-marathon in May because we were in Utah saying goodbye to Uncle Joel. But, I ran one in September.
We really tried to go on a real date once a month. We're hoping to be better this year.
I finished the Harry Potter series and a few John Grisham books.
I stress and Paul has come to understand that I just bottle the stress. Being pregnant, I try not to stress too much about stuff, 'cause that's when contractions happen. It's a work in progress!
Who can't give more hugs and kisses?
Molly (2011):
  • Potty-train in February
  • Paint three rooms before the baby comes, and have the rest of the house painted by the end of the year
  • Learn how to sew
  • Run half-marathon in September
  • A real date once a month with Paul
Paul (2010):
  • help Molly train for a half-marathon
  • find a babysitter for dates
  • play more
  • teach Ewan how to catch and kick balls
  • give more hugs and kisses
  • take a nap
What did he do?
He was very helpful with training. He would watch the kids while I'd go for long runs on the weekends. He also lifted weights with me three times a week, and still does.
We're working on finding a babysitter for dates. It's kinda hard with three very little ones!
He's really good at playing with the kids.
Ewan can kick and throw. Catching is hard!
He probably needs more than one nap this year!
Paul (2011):
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • Do one date a week (even if it's feeding the kids, putting them to bed, and then eating a quiet dinner together), and a real date (planned, paid for and paired off) once a month
  • Have the trampoline in by March 17th, and the backyard pretty functional by the end of the year
  • Help Molly train for, yet another, half-marathon after baby comes
Well, there you have it. Our goals for the next year. I don't think we did too bad this year. We still have a lot to work on. We're grateful for the opportunity to reevaluate things and start anew. Good luck to everyone with their New Year's Resolutions. May you be productive and happy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


We left for Oklahoma at 1:30pm on Tuesday, stopped in Tucamcari for the night, and arrived in Bartlesville Wednesday afternoon. We spent two weeks with Paul's family, and enjoyed every minute! We got to meet Baby Caleb, play with Sam, Spencer, Sabrina, Grace, and Benson. The girls really took to Sabrina and Grace. They had a lot of fun doing "big girl" stuff. Hopefully, potty-training will be in their near future!
Christmas morning

Aislee with her gift from Grandma and Grandpa

We were the first ones up since we get up so early every day! We were surprised that Aunt Sarah and Aunt Jenny had to be woken up!

The kids got pillow pets. Olivia had a hard time choosing which one she wanted. I think she's settled on the bumble bee.

We also got The New Testament animated dvds. We now have more appropriate Sunday movies. I was getting tired of Cinderella!

Paul serenaded us on the piano. Ewan helped. I could listen to Paul play all day! We should really get a piano sometime. Maybe next year...

The grandkids enjoyed dancing with Grandma and Grandpa. We introduced them to "I've got a new way to walk".

The twins get a little crazy sometimes!

We went to the church and played Two-step, Slaughter-Ball and volleyball. The grandparents were kind enough to watch the kids while the adults threw Nerf balls at each other in the gym.

We also went bowling at the Phillips rec center. After, we shot around in the gym. My game isn't what it once was!

But Paul's is!

We took our cousin, Anderson's friend Flat Stanley around Bartlesville.

He enjoyed playing Ring-Around-The-Rosies

Watching Mulan II

and going to church.

The kids loved playing upstairs with Spencer's toys.

He was a very good sharer.

We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa with Spencer and Grandpa.

They loved looking at the Sting-Rays

Making fishy-faces at the fish.

and Finding Nemo. They had a tank with little clown fish and one that looks like Dori.

They didn't really touch the Sting-Ray even though they were sticking their hands in the tank. Every time one would get close enough, they'd pull their hands our of the water.

Spencer was Olivia's partner in crime. They were really quiet one evening. When Kathleen and Paul went looking for them, they found them in Grandma's bathroom. They found her make-up!

It took a few make-up-removing wipes to get Olivia's face back to normal.