Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been quite a while since we posted last. Paul's been a little busy with school and I don't really get out much. Sorry! The past month has been pretty exciting. Paul got an interview at the University of Oklahoma Medical school on November 13th. He flies out the 12th leaving me all by myself for a night with the twins! We bless the twins on the 19th. My mom made their blessing dresses. My mom made my sisters' and mine hoping that we would be able to bless our little girls in them. Megan's was a little too small for Tessa and Krissy so my mom made on for Tessa. Arianne's was a little yellow so she made one for Aspen. I had twins so she had to make two for us. They were pretty adorable. Our neighbor said my mom should start a dress making company! We also had Halloween. The girls were ladybugs. Their cousin Spencer was a cow. So we made a ladybug-cow-sandwich. Spencer wasn't too happy to be n his cow outfit (he was a mad cow). Spencer was blessed the first week in November. Here are a few pictures of our past month. Oh, the baby acne finally cleared up. They now have beautiful complexions.