Monday, December 9, 2013

Pictures so people know we're alive!

We are still alive! It's been a crazy couple of months with school and sickness and life! But, we are doing well and grateful for the upcoming Holiday. Here are lot of pictures of what we've been doing in the month of November.
Building towers. We build a lot of towers. 

This was a while ago because Elin still has her cast. We got a piano from Paul's parents. We love it! The girls just started lessons last week.

The Buddies. The love playing together while the girls are in school. They have their spats, but for the most part, they are buddies!

Ewan had a birthday (Nov 13). He turned 4! He got a Thomas the Train set, tubes for the tub, footballs, books, and clothes. He was in heaven!

He also got cupcakes with orange frosting (his favorite) and green sprinkles.

We build towers around our trains!

Here are attempts at head shots for the kids. Aislee 




The crew

Getting ready for the zoo. Paul took a few days off during Thanksgiving break so we could have some much needed family time! Only a few more classes!

Paul's sister and family came down for Thanksgiving from Northern Phoenix area. We love having family close!

Cousin time!