Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just pictures

Here are a few pictures. My mom got these little ballerina outfits for me at a shower. They're getting a little too long for them even though their upper bodies don't really fit quite right.

They sleep with their legs crossed sometimes.

I don't put them on their tummies, they just roll until they're comfortable.

It happens...regularly.

Paul picked these outfits out before we knew we were having girls. They may look a little boyish, but they're still pretty cute in them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is how the babies move around the house. They're both very mobile now and have to be watched very carefully so they won't roll under the bed. It's a good thing we have a lot of floor space!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Video Attempts

We're trying to post video so we can post future video. This was taken a while ago, but it's kinda cute. This is Aislee growling. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're here!

It has taken us a little while to post. We've been a little busy moving in and figuring out Tucson. Even though we haven't really gotten out too much, the sunshine is nice and we are enjoying a winter without snow (YAY!). Paul has been at Raytheon for over week. He's learning the ropes. He comes home with a smile on his face, which could mean one of two things...we'll see. The girls and I are enjoying the new playmat we got. They pull the toys off the hooks and stick everything in their mouths. They're both rolling around and scooting a little. Aislee has to be closely watched in the tub. Olivia just likes to hold on to everything, including my hair. They're getting big! I had packed a lot of the girls' clothes not knowing if they would fit them or not. They really are growing so fast! A lot of the things I packed thinking they would fit into them later are fitting them today (maybe even yesterday!). They're so cute, I try to put them in the clothes at least once and take a picture. You'll notice that the length of pants is not a problem, but we are unable to fit the width. We're still rolling our jeans. How grateful we are for baby showers and wonderful gifts!

Aislee and Olivia

Aislee and Olivia

Olivia (she's such a big girl)

Olivia and Aislee

Olivia on Aislee

Olivia ad Aislee

Aislee and Olivia

Aislee and Olivia

Aislee and Olivia

Olivia and Aislee


Aislee (she's such a big girl)

Olivia and Aislee (these onsies are organic cotton, one says "Tree lover" and the other says "Going green, star power, and deep thinker")

My parents and two of my younger brothers (Kett and Court) were able to bring the trailer of our things down over President's Day weekend. They didn't get to stay long, but maybe next time. They'll have to bring their swimsuits for the junior olympic sized swimming pool! We met the trailer in Phoenix at the IKEA. We picked out a table and chairs, a TV stand, and bookcase. We saw a few other things we may pick up later. That store is amazing! Paul and the boys put the TV stand together after Church on Sunday. After unpacking most of our things on Monday, I put the table together. The directions were pretty straight forward. Heck! I put the table together! Hhmmm...maybe I should have been a mechanical engineer...Anyway, Paul put the bookcase together and we unpacked the rest of our things. We now have a table and chairs, a bookcase, a bed, a couch, a soveseat, and a TV stand. We're like grown-ups! So long are the days of eating pizza on the floor and sleeping on an air mattress in an empty apartment. Aahhh, the simple life.

The table that Molly built (the roses were from Paul)

The girls' room. It will have a crib in it shortly. We just ordered one.

The hall way to our bathroom.

The girls' bathroom. (yes, we have two bathrooms!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Pictures

Paul, Aislee, Olivia and Molly

John Burkinshaw, Matt Eve, Benson Richards, Mike Richards, Bryce Wright, Spencer Wright, Jeff Burkinshaw, and Paul Burkinshaw

Emily Burkinshaw, Jenny Burkinshaw, Chelsea Eve, Grace Richards, Molly Burkinshaw, Olivia Burkinshaw, Jessica Richards, Aislee Burkinshaw, Stacey Burkinshaw, Sarah Burkinshaw, Sabrina Richards, Kathleen Wright

Benson Richards, Olivia Burkinshaw, Sabrina Richards, Spencer Wright, Grace Richards, and Aislee Burkinshaw

Benson, Grace, Stacey, Aislee, Olivia, Jeff, Grace and Spencer

Paul, Sarah, Kathleen, Jenny, Jessica, Chelsea, and John

Back row: Matt, Chelsea, Sarah, Jenny, Emily, John
Middle row: Olivia, Paul, Molly, Aislee, Jeff, Stacey, Mike,Grace, Benson, Jessica, Sabrina
Front row: Bryce, Spencer, Kathleen

Back row: Paul, Aislee, Molly, Bryce, Kathleen, Spencer, Jessica, Mike, Chelsea, Olivia, Matt
Front row: Sarah, Grace, Jenny, Benson, Emily, Sabrina, John

Unhappy babies!

Getting situated--we had a spit up incident!