Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mobile Picture Overload

I haven't been very good at taking or posting pictures lately. I'm still getting used to the new camera and I don't seem to have the time I'd like in order to figure out all the fancy stuff going on. My pictures always come out not in focus and stuff. I'm no photographer, and am completely amazed at people who have the talent to take such beautiful pictures! I have a lot of pictures on my phone. The kids know how to use the camera on my phone without unlocking it. So, we get a lot of pictures of their faces! And when I say a lot, I mean into the thousands! So, here are a few (a lot) of pictures from the phone. I haven't cleared it off since there are some pretty old ones!

AZ sunrises back in August. 

Future father of twins!

Making pretzels

Another sunrise on my run

Olivia turning 4! (told you it was a long time ago!)

Maybe headlocks aren't the best way to hold babies...!

Aislee turning 4!

Morning after a Monsoon

Baby Rosie

FHE coloring



Elin and Olivia

Camping out while Daddy was on his trip

"I'm going to be just like Daddy!"

Cleaning the bean bag cases

AZ snow!

A lot of feet pictures show up!

Such a big kid


She really likes swimsuits

Another sunrise

I went September.

Ready for Church

Park picnics

Princess hair

Daddy's a princess too

Ewan and his cars

Shelves and benches for the playroom

More park play

Elin's naphead

Chasing butterflies

Halloween. Aislee has a little pig

Prepping for cemeny

Elin loves popcorn

More Halloween, the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs

Olivia (backwards)

Our morning wake up call!

Ewan turned 3


Christmas tree decorating

Hiding the boxes

Elin helping with clothes folding

My Christmas present

Ewan loves having a journal

Honey-Oat-Wheat bread. 

Flowers for surviving last semester. At least two dozen for this next semester! (HOLY COW!)

"Christmas morning"

Finished porch

Dancing to Pandora

Olivia's family portrait

Ewan's self photography skills

Driving to OK for Christmas

Mommy's Rapunzel hair

Vegetable pizza (Friday nights)

Valentine's Day Apple Pie

Ewan helping with cookies and pie

Aislee's hair and make up (Thanks Aunt Chelsea

Olivia's hair and make up

Elin reading Stuart Little

Barbie Dolls for Valentine's Day


Ewan's black eye

I fixed the bean bags (more on that someday!)

Olivia asks me to draw our future family. She keeps adding more people!

1/2 marathon finish

In the elevator at the hotel. I totally over prepared!

And I finished!

Olivia's self photography

They handed out cold washcloths at the end. I'd totally do it again!


I made shorts for the girls from pairs of worn out jeans. Super easy!

He's a goof!

Oh they really do love each other!

Elin skipped a nap that day. So she got Aislee to get her the pacifier