Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Quick Update

Our last few posts haven't had very many words. So, I decided to give a little more detailed update. We took the girls in for their 6 month check up. I know, they're 7 months old! What have I been doing?!? It has taken us a little while to find a doctor close by that we like. Our doctor checked the girls. Everything is going well. They're doing everything they should be and gaining weight. They are still exactly a pound apart. Aislee was 14 lbs 2oz and Olivia was 13 lbs 2oz. They're both getting teeth on the bottom, in the exact same spot. It's not too much fun for me, and we've had a few heart-to-hearts about biting. They're doing better. I really think they can understand more than one would think. As you've probably seen, they're big army-crawlers. They roll, scoot, and crawl all over the living room. We've started them on baby food since they're nursing days seem to be numbered! They're not too excited about Rice cereal, but they love apple sauce, bananas and strawberries, and green beans. Olivia will eat more of the green beans than Aislee. Bath time is an adventure now that they can roll over more. They're able to keep their heads above the water when they roll. They seem to like just swimming around and grabbing at the duckies. We're trying to get some modest shots in the tub! Other than exciting news with the girls growth and progrees, we have not much else to report. The knees in my pants are wearing thin from crawling on the floor. We're looking into getting Paul some new shorts...they're just wearing thin from years of wear. He loves those things! Hopefully, we'll have more exciting things happen in the next few weeks to report on!