Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Babies Video

Paul has been working on splicing our ultrasound video. We're going to give this post a try!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Paul's Birthday!

Paul turned 24 on May 8th! Yea! We didn't do a whole lot because it was on a weeknight. His new soccer cleats came a few days earlier. I think they're pretty awesome. He had a soccer game where he scored and they won! We had breakfast casserole for dinner and FunFetti cake. We also got him a bike so he can ride to class and I can sleep in (I'm told we'll save money on gas, too!). On Friday, we went to 10,000 BC and Cafe Rio for dinner. We're planning on going to the new Chronicles movie when it comes out. I feel bad that we didn't do more, but it had been a rough week. Maybe next year will be a little more eventful with some "Happy Birthday Daddy" cards!

We went to Cedar City for Mother's Day. My mom was speaking in Church and wanted her mom to come down. Paul drove Grandma's little red sports car while Arianne's oldest, Anderson told us about his mountain climbing adventures with deer and beavers. He's a pretty imaginative kid at 3. My mom got me the WillowTree figuring holding a baby. She said she looked for twins, but they didn't have any baby twins. Paul got me the pregnant figuring and said he couldn't find the twin one either (he measured the pregnant figurings' bellies and they were all the same size!). We had a good visit with the 'rents and brothers. They can't wait for Paul to come down when it's not Sunday so he can play soccer.

Paul felt the babies kick a few nights ago. We've been able to feel them move a lot more. We've learned that if I drink something sweet like koolaid or apple juice and then wait a few minutes, they kick all over the place. I've been trying to sleep on my sides more. I hear sleeping on my back isn't the best thing. If I'm on my right side for a while and then switch the my left, I can feel Ailsee move across my stomach. It's pretty neat to know that there's actually something there and not just my protruding abdomen! Just fifteen more weeks (-ish)...!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Week Goes By

Paul and I have enjoyed some time together while he only has classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I'm home every day. We've gone on a few walks, seen a few movies, made another trip to the hospital...Yeah, another one. Last Friday I wasn't feeling very good but thought that it may have been just a bug. I hung out, took a nap, and drank a lot of Gatorade. By Sunday, I was feeling a little better. However, Monday afternoon came and I thought I was going to die! My right back ached horribly. Paul was in class with the car so I waited for him to come home. I thought maybe I had just slept on my side funny. Paul rubbed my back a little bit, but it didn't matter how I sat, walked or lied. I thought I was going to die. We called the on-call doctor who said it was probably a UTI or a kidney infection. By 1:30am I was in more pain than I could bare. If this is what childbirth is going to be like, I am SO getting an epidural! We went to the emergency room and they took us up to the maternity ward where the babies were put on monitors and I was given some heavy duty painkillers. They found that I either had a pretty bad kidney infection or a kidney stone. They wanted to keep me under observation until the morning. They soon decided that it was an infection. Poor Paul had to sleep on the hospital recliner in my room while I was given fluids, drugs, and powerful antibiotics. The doctor said that it may have been caused from the babies positioning themselves on my kidney and causing a serious blockage. I am now supposed to "take it easy" and continue with the IV fluids along with a new arsenal of antibiotics and painkillers. Luckily, the antibiotics have helped tremendously and I haven't needed the painkillers. Paul's been a really good sport. He gets me whatever I want while I lie in bed and lets me take a nap whenever I feel a little drowsy. We're looking forward to having the babies and feeling....I don't know if I'll ever feel normal again, but not so sick. After our trip to the hospital we had a follow-up visit with Dr. England. He had heard about our little visit to the ER and asked if I thought I could survive this pregnancy. We'll see...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I finally graduated! I'm pretty excited to be done. Paul says that I've been done long before graduation...I didn't really go to class all that often this semester. Oh well. I still graduated! Paul's parents were out for his sister, Kathleen's graduation. And, my parents came up from Cedar City. When I went to pick my cap and gown up, they told me that they lost mine. They threw some stuff together (not everything in the package) and I left. I was a little disappointed. I was only wearing the cap and gown because my mom told me I needed to. Otherwise, I would have sat with those not in a gown. It was pretty chilly and even started to snow a little bit while we were outside getting ready to walk in. it's in times like these that I am grateful for nylons! Elder Bednar spoke. It was good and not too long. Afterwards, Arianne's family came out for pizza and brownies at Paul's grandma's house. We had a good time. I got to spend some time with my parents the next morning while Paul helped Kathleen and Bryce move out of their apartment. Overall, it was a good visit.

I know, I know. I need to post pictures with my posts. We don't have the internet at our apartment and the times I get to use a computer, I'm usually waiting for Paul to get his homework done in the engineering building (Paul's second home, or is it first and our home is his second?), without the jump drive or any pictures. I promise to scan the new ultrasound pictures and put some "belly-shots" on the jump drive. I must place caution with the pictures of my belly; it is huge! You may even think I'm carrying three and not two...!