Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Okay, it is honestly my least favorite holiday ever. But, I have really cute kids, and it would be a crime if I didn't get them all dressed up to show them off! And, what's better than candy to help drown some sorrows, right? Anyway, so we went to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat this year. We went a little late, and didn't get a whole lot, but the kids had fun. We then dressed them up Monday night for the real deal. We went a little too early, I think. It was my idea to go so early. It gets really dark here and there aren't any street lights. True story...! This was our first year actually trick-or-treating. We got enough candy to satisfy them, and then went home to wait for our trick-or-treaters while we ate dinner. Seriously, my kids don't like candy that much, They like the idea of candy. They would ask for a piece of this or that. A few minutes later, Paul would find it half-chewed on the floor. They like M&M's. Ewan likes sour candy (he's like his Mama), but candy-bars or fruity thanks! Onto the pictures.

Olivia went as Eloise at the Plaza. Elin was a ladybug for Halloween. Ewan was Harold and the Purple Crayon (google it!). Aislee was Angelina Ballerina.
For the trunk-or-treat, Elin was Ewan's purple crayon. It would have been cute if she would have kept the silly hate on. My fault!

Like my paint samples in the background? Yes, we picked the lighter one. We just need to find the time!

Elin fell asleep for most of the neighborhood walk, but she was still the cutest lady-bug ever!

They both insisted on being called Angelina and Eloise for the whole night! And, they called each other those names.

I don't know why they were grumpy. We kept telling them we were gonna get candy...!