Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dolls, dogs, and visitors

My mom brought a doll down for the girls. Olivia has become very fond of it and carries it around every time she finds it. She pats and gives him kisses. She has also become quite attached to the dog Uncle Court gave the girls. She makes "whoof-whoof" noises and carries him around. She has to have both in the crib for naps. Aislee will hold whichever toy Olivia is not holding.

Yes, we are in the climbing stage. They can get from the chairs to the table pretty quickly. When we're not eating, the chairs are on top of the table.

They use their toy bins as steps to get to the TV stand. Aislee has learned how to turn the TV on and off. Luckily for Paul, she doesn't turn off ESPN.

Aislee is texting Daddy. This is an old phone that has made its way into the toy bin, along with many other random household items; tupperware, an empty sour cream container, an old mouse, a water bottle...

My parents and the four youngest boys spent a week in Mexico. They stopped by our house on their way down and back. The girls warmed up to the boys pretty quickly. Court is letting them crawl all over him.

Uncle Kett and the girls became instant buddies. He was a good helper while I was "taking it easy". He even changed a few diapers!

Leftover lunch (mac 'n cheese and green beans)

Olivia on the bouncer with her baby. The bouncer has become more popular lately because they can bounce themselves.

I usually tip the bins over so they can't crawl in them and tip them over onto themselves. Now they like to climb on the bins. Olivia is making elephant noises.