Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cabin Fever!

Yes, we've had Cabin Fever these last couple of weeks! I know, I know...I talk about the wonderful weather down here in sunny Arizona, and we really have had nice weather,  but it's hard to enjoy the sunshine when you're not feeling so hot. We did have a freeze for a day or two, but then our temps were back up in the 70s. A freeze in Arizona? Yes, our pipes froze in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. We had no water until 1pm. It's a good thing the only form of "food storage" we have are gallon sized apple juice containers full of water. We have a lot of them because we go through a gallon a week! The schools were shut down due to sanitation issues, but work was not canceled. So, we bundled up for the day, watched movies, ate soup, and waited for the water. I was glad to get a warm shower in. I can't seem to get my day going until after the shower.

The following week I was having some pregnancy issues. Paul was kind enough to take the morning off so the girls could go to preschool and I could rest. Ewan got to hang out with Daddy while I took a nap and waited for things to pass and doctors to call.  Everything's fine, nothing really to report. I had my appointment that Friday. I was measuring a little small, so we will have a follow-up ultrasound at the end of the month. Hopefully, we'll get a better idea of the gender of the baby (for planning purposes). We're excited to be counting down, although it seems we have a lot to get done before baby #4 arrives!

After returning home from Church that Sunday evening, the kids were sick! Paul had gone to a meeting a few minutes before the explosions happened. We were up most of the night doing laundry, giving baths, and watching UP. Paul went to work, but came home after lunch so I could lie down. The baby I was in-charge of didn't go back to sleep until 4:45am and was up with a new load of laundry for me to do at 7. We skipped preschool for the week, 'cause I'm pretty sure none of the other moms wanted to do ten loads of laundry in 48 hours. I'm positive I washed everything everybody owns twice! Maybe I should buy more clothes, towels, blankets, and sheets...or, I should have just let everyone run around in diapers and wrapped them up in towels.  However, my kids don't really like not being covered (weird, for toddlers, I know!) Luckily, by Wednesday the kids were all feeling much better, and Paul and I have not "caught" whatever it was. We quarantined ourselves for the week, with the occasional trip to the backyard to get some much needed fresh air.  We've suffered Cabin Fever all week, but we look forward to a healthy week with trips to the park, preschool, more restful nights, and less Clorox Clean-up!
We pretended like we were doggies and played under the table.

We sat in strollers a lot so that we could feel mobile, even though we weren't going anywhere.

More strollers.

Ewan is a lot like Paul. He loves to carry a book around. His favorites right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and How Do I Love you.

Aislee posed for pictures.

We had heart-shaped french toast on Tuesday (our first meal since Sunday).

We dressed up like Mommy.

We watched Wallace and Gromit:The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. And then we pretended to be rabbits.

Ewan thought it was especially funny.

We lounged on the floor and sucked on Ring-Pops. Blue-raspberry may not have been the best idea for Olivia.

Ewan loves to read.

Showing off our colored tongues. Paul got them Ring-Pops for Valentine's Day, but we waited to eat them. They crashed pretty hard for naps that day once the sugar wore off.

We rode the brooms and danced around with "hats".