Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures and Happenings

So I'm finally getting some pictures of the trip and things that we've been upto. We've been trying to stay busy this summer and get some projects done before Paul starts school in August. The twins are also starting kindergarten (oh my goodness!) in August. It's been HOT, and hard to keep ourselves entertained with indoor activities, but we're grateful for air conditioning and blackout drapes! The sun rises at 4, so the kids are up good and early even with foil, blinds and drapes on their windows. Paul and I have been trying to wake up before them so that we can trade of reading and running before the day really starts. It's been going alright. Some mornings, we're pretty exhausted! Oh well, such is life...;)
Driving to Utah in April

We left our 80-90* to be hit with a snowstorm a few days after we arrived in Cedar City.

Ewan playing with snow. I wasn't really wanting to play outside since we're not really prepared for blizzard conditions!

The backyard

Our car gets to see snow maybe once a year...

In about 3 years, you'll be able to see the Cedar City Temple from this point. How exciting!!

A few days later. Utah weather...!

We went to the park and met up with one of my high school friends, Lindsay and her kids. We had lots of fun!

Ewan loved playing with boy cousins at my sister, Arianne's house. She has three boys (almost four), and Ewan loved every minute of boys and boy toys!

We left from Utah early on April 27th, it was also Elin's 2nd birthday and our 6th Anniversary. 

My mom helped me make a maxi dress. It's reversible...pretty awesome. She is really talented!  I am not-so-talented at modeling.

Aislee playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house with the blow-up castle.

Olivia helping me put laundry away. 

Ewan helping with laundry

We made sugar cookies and frosting.

Elin's birthday cake. She has a bear named Finnigan that she loves. He was the inspiration for the cake.

Happy birthday to Paul and Elin! Happy birthday to you!

She didn't eat any of the cake that Finnigan was a part of. She asked for the pink part 'cause "Finnigan isn't for eating."

Olivia loves cake with frosting, Aislee does not like cake or cookies with frosting. She preferred ice cream.

I put the kids to bed before picking Paul up from the airport. Elin was "asleep" in the pack and play in the closet. When we came back, Elin had snuck in with the big kids. She slept there for the rest of the night very soundly. She may be ready for a big bed soon!

For Paul's birthday we were in Branson. We decided to watch a movie we probably wouldn't finish if we were at home, The Hobbit. 

This is the condo/cottage we stayed in. 

It was amazingly perfect!

This is across the street. I couldn't get a good picture of ours with the sun. They basically looked the same. Aren't they cute?!?

So, I decided to try being Vegan for a month. It got kind of boring, and I don't think I was eating enough calories. I started to get head aches and was really tired towards the end of the month. So, I decided that it probably wasn't the lifestyle for me. And, pizza just isn't the same without cheese, and I don't really think eating processed non-dairy cheese is very healthful. So, I am back to just eating. Ice cream is good! :)

Trying to stay cool. During quiet time we pull all the drapes close, put Elin to sleep and watch a quiet movie. 

I cut the girls' hair. Their hair was getting really long and a bit of a pain. So, I decided to chop it one Friday morning. I may need to take them in when school gets closer to have it shaped. I can only cut straight across...But it's less work and a lot cooler!

Aislee and her attitude (it's a big one sometimes!)

We're so glad when Daddy is home! We are really enjoying the summer of normal work hours and off-fridays, and Saturdays, and evenings, and mornings, and just having him around a lot more!

We've been working on the backyard. Paul and I building a retaining wall/garden area. We've been moving a lot of dirt and rocks.  We have a pick-ax, a wheel barrel, shovels, and a lot of extra bodies running around. I've been doing the pick ax while Paul shovels lots of dirt. I accidentally pick-axed myself. Well, I hit a rock with tip of the ax and the handle kicked back and hit me in the leg. It's a good bruise, but the guys at Lowe's think I'm tough and will help me with whatever I need. Pictures to come of the Great Wall of Burkinshaw.

Ewan and Elin helped me bake banana bread one afternoon. Ewan likes to lick the beaters.

Ewan wanted to look like Daddy one morning. So he got out his "work shirt" and pants. I think he looks rather handsome!

Elin had to pose too.

They are going to have lots of fun for the three hours the twins are at school in the fall!

And he had to show off his shades. I think he kind of looks like one of the scientists from Apollo 13.

And then he wanted to take a picture of me with his glasses. I have a really small head, so yes I fit into sunglasses meant for 4-7 year olds.

We did a toothpick and marshmallow activity one day.

250 toothpicks and a bag of marshmallows. Well worth the $3.00