Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas Letter 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

It’s that time of year again! As 2018 comes to a close, we are grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the year. It has proven to be another busy year full of lessons learned, opportunities taken,  and many memories made. Here is our yearly rundown.

Isobel Kathleen came to our family a few weeks early on Memorial Day, just hours after Grandma arrived.  Although her arrival was a little unexpected, she was ready to come at 8lbs even and 19.5 inches long. Isobel has been a bright spot in our home with her quiet and happy disposition. She is beginning to be on the move as she rolls and scoots all over the house. Isobel enjoys being held by siblings, but will certainly let us know when she is overly loved. We are so grateful for her safe and happy arrival, and look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop.

Adelaide (3) is full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Sometimes, it’s a lot of spice! Adelaide loves to sing and dance, play make believe, and cuddle her baby “Izerbel”. She loves to be involved in everything. When Mom’s in the kitchen, Adelaide has a chair pulled up to the counter finding ways to help. She’s a good mixer, masher, and mess maker. Adelaide only wears dresses and skirts as she twirls around the house. It’s a good thing we live in a warm climate! We are so glad to have her as part of our family!

Esme (4) is still a whirlwind of energy! Now that she is four, she is a “big” kid and will not be excluded from any of their activities. She loves that she is the oldest at home, and ready at any moment to take care of her “littles”. She adores Isobel even when “Sobers” may not be wanting to be adored. Esme started the first year of Let’s Play Music. She loves having something that is just for her. She has enjoyed learning all the songs, playing bells, and singing “Do-Mi-So”. She is looking forward to being 5 and beginning school. We are so grateful for her sweetness!

Elin (7) loves being a big sister. The first thing she does when home from 2nd grade is ask to hold her baby. She takes her around the house, plays with her on the floor, and reads books to her. Isobel enjoys her attention. Elin is in her 2nd year of Let’s Play Music and loves the piano! She got a new “big kid” bike, and will take any chance she can to ride with the others around the neighborhood. We’re still working on stopping with hand breaks, but she’ll get there! Elin is still pretty reserved, but she is very creative with markers and paper (so. much. paper.)  We love her to pieces!

Ewan (9) has had a very exciting year! While he was at day-camp for Scouts, Molly gave birth to Isobel. Ewan was brought down from the mountain to meet his newest baby sister, who he adores! Towards the end of the summer, he had a little accident at a trampoline park. Ewan was walking a little funny, so Molly took him to find he had a broken foot. No cast was needed, and he healed rather quickly on his own. He has started the 1st year of Presto, and loves it!  Right before his 9th birthday, he fell on his arm at school resulting in a buckle fracture. Ewan sported a green and black cast for three weeks. He’s glad it’s off, and so are we! (P-U!) We love our Ewan!

Aislee (10) is becoming quite the lady. She finally got her ears pierced for her 10th birthday. We’re learning that matching accessories are a must! Aislee is a great helper, as always. She’s learned to make quite a few things in the kitchen which relieves some of the food making pressure. She loves to ride her bike all over the neighborhood, especially going down “big hill”. We haven’t had any major accidents, but quite a few flat tires! She has really gotten into Harry Potter books and wants to know how it all ends! She’s also in her first year of Presto music which she enjoys. She’s looking forward to 2019 and all that growing-up brings! Aislee is one of our favorites!

Olivia (10) still has her nose in books most days! She likes to tell us all about her latest characters and their amazing stories. Olivia would like to write her own series and has fantastic ideas! She also knows how to help in the kitchen, making her favorites--Macaroni & Cheese and turkey sandwiches. Every little bit helps! Olivia also got a new bike this year. She cruises all over the place! She and Aiselee ran cross-country as some of the only 5th graders against a lot of middle schoolers. Although it was hot a lot of the time, they enjoyed pushing themselves. Molly may have running buddies yet! Olivia definitely keeps as running smoothly!

Busy seems to be the name of the game! A little over a month away from delivery, we took a trip to Utah for Uncle Court’s wedding to sweet, Aunt Lexi in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple. Molly got to test her creative juices with a semi-naked white chocolate cake. After assuring her parents that she would not be having a baby for weeks, grandpa graciously sent grandma that weekend! A few hours after coming home from the airport, Molly informed Paul that it was time to go, and they needed to be quick about it. An hour and a half at the hospital and Isobel was born! We are grateful for grandma and grandpa’s intuition!  With Isobel sleeping more soundly, Molly is getting back into a running routine. She is looking forward to 2019 and the many adventures that are planned. It’ll be a good year!

The year has been full of travel, work, family, and Church for Paul. We took our Spring Break to Oklahoma to enjoy time with his family and say goodbye once again to his good parents as they left for their 2nd mission to London, England. We were not prepared for the cold snap and had to buy the kids jackets and socks! Soon after Isobel was born, Paul got a new assignment at work that has kept him a little later most days, and traveling a little more. He is grateful for the new opportunity, but looking forward to the Holiday break with some much needed rest! We also went to Utah for a few days of Fall Break to get away from the heat. Little did we know that winter would come a tad bit early, and we were met with snow! Paul had to scrape the windows of the van for the first time. Maybe we shouldn’t travel too far next year…! Paul is looking forward to his parents coming home in October, and being able to spend time with family!

And, that’s a wrap folks! 2018 proved to be full of life, for which we are grateful! This time of year always gives us an opportunity to reflect on what is truly important. Our family, our Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and our desire to become more like Him through love and service are at the forefront of our desires. During this time of giving, may we remember the greatest gift given, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As our dear prophet, Russell M. Nelson has reminded us, Christ has given us the capacity to love, the opportunity to forgive, the gift of repentance, and a promise of everlasting life. May this Holiday season bring you and yours many wonderful blessings and memories!

Much Love,
The Burkinshaws