Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Talking Elin


The twins had their fourth birthday on Wednesday. They have been talking about their birthday "coming up" for a little over a week. They got some early packages from grandparents that we kept telling them were for their birthday which was "coming up". The whole week was pretty much a celebration! They had been asking for a pink and purple cake and puppy. We kept telling them that they weren't getting a puppy, but they'd get something else. Our girls love dogs! They really love dogs. They pretend to be dogs all day long. They take turns being the owner and the puppy. Lately, they've been able to convince Elin that she is a puppy. They'll call for her, "Come here puppy!" and then she gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to them while letting her tongue hang out of her mouth and panting. It's adorable, but I kind of feel bad for Elin. Anyway, so no puppy this year (or next year...)! For the big day, Paul got a bunch of balloons and a few little things for them to open. We blew up balloons that night and wrapped gifts. The next morning they woke up around 5am. Paul let them play with their balloons while I made their favorite, French toast. While we ate breakfast, I told them about the day they were born. And then told about the day Ewan was born because he felt left out. "Not my birthday too?" Paul left early so he would be home a little early. During the day we got phone calls from grandparents, took an early nap because everyone was exhausted, and then waited patiently for Dad to come home so we could go on a picnic at the Swing Park. Our neighborhood park doesn't have swings, so we have to drive to one. We headed to the park, played for a while, ate sandwiches, and then went home for cake and presents. Paul took the kids for a trip to Wal-Mart while I made the cupcakes and set out the presents. They opened presents, and watched they're new movie while eating cake and Skyping with grandparents and uncles. They got more wooden blocks so that our towers are taller than they are, pretty necklaces from Daddy that say "Sisters Forever", dresses from grandmas, clothes, and Despicable Me.  It was a good day, but the fun had only begun. We had a few friends over on Saturday for cake, adult conversation (somedays I desperately need to hear a voice over the age of 5), BBQ chicken sandwiches, and Caprisuns. We told them that their birthday was over, but they're still saying, "it's coming up". Ewan has joined in with cake requests for his birthday which is "coming up" in November...!

Thursday, August 9, 2012