Monday, July 18, 2011

Just an update with pictures

  We haven't really been that busy, but we've been having fun. We had a visit from three of the Uncles for a few days (Rand, Jace and Court). We've enjoyed July and the fact that Paul has had 4 four-day work weeks this month. It's nice to have Daddy home! We've really enjoyed Monsoon season because it cools things down quite a bit and we're able to go outside in the evenings, jump pm the tramp and swing on the swingset. We'll do an update on everyone. Elin had her two month check. She weighed 11lbs 11oz and was 24 1/2inches. She coos, smiles, laughs (she thinks Ewan is hilarious), and kicks her legs like she's running a race. She's very easy-going, and doesn't mind lying on the floor as long as someone is paying attention to her, but not crushing her tummy. She'll spit up on you if you do that. Sorry Ewan!  We've learned that Elin does not like her carseat. I had to drive up to Tucson for an appointment, and she pretty much screamed the whole time. I felt pretty bad about it, but there was nothing I could do. She took a pretty good nap when we got home, though. When I took Elin in for her check, Ewan came along for his. I drove into Tucson to see our old pediatrician because we just haven't found one we really like. I have to say, it was worth the drive to have a doctor make you feel like you were doing a pretty good job. Ewan didn't get any shots, and was probably pretty relieved, especially after watching Elin get hers. He's doing very well developmentally. He likes to say NO, and he'll let you know if you're getting too close to his personal bubble. He's mimicking almost everything, and tries to repeat words after we say them. We know that Ewan understands a lot, even though he may not say a TON. He nods or shakes his head when asked a question. He really likes having Daddy home, and can't wait to be big enough to help with all the outdoor projects. Ewan had a rough Sunday a few weeks ago, and I'm debating on whether or not I'm gonna let him go back to nursery. I think it was rougher on me than him (after being told that I needed to cut the apron strings with him, and that I need to be tougher with him when he gets upset). I came home feeling like a pretty lousy mommy. It's a good thing Paul gives good hugs and assures me that I'm doing okay. Aislee is doing really well with being a BIG sister to a little sister. She is always eager to help get diapers, pacifiers, or hold Elin for a minute. She's been waking up pretty early lately and wanting to jump and swing. Sometimes Paul is able to distract her by building the "biggest tower ever" in the playroom. Aislee is really good at cleaning up the blocks and play food. Her favorites lately are cheese, crackers and Num-Num cookies (M&M cookies). We're looking forward to her turning three in a month! Olivia is Crazy Horse! She's doing really well being the oldest. She worries when Elin is crying and wants to make it all better. She loves building towers with Aislee and Daddy, but gets kinda bugged when Ewan knocks it over. We have to tell her that if he didn't knock it over, she wouldn't be able to build a better one! She loves the swingset and tramp also. We can't wait for grass and cooler weather! She's also anxious to have a birthday and be a BIG three year old! Paul is busy. He put the swingset together a few weeks ago, and everyone loves it! He's getting ready for his master's by taking a few classes this summer, and getting training in a few new areas. He passed his FE exam that he took a few weeks before Elin was born! He's also looking forward to cooler weather and babies that sleep through the night. I'm doing really well. They split our ward a few Sundays ago, which gives more opportunities to serve and a less crowded Primary and nursery. I've been asked a lot lately just what is it that I do all day. I'll save that for another post. I've been trying to set up play-dates and activities so that we can get some interaction with other people, and so I can talk to an adult every-once-in-a-while. I've been trying to run at least 4 days a week in the mornings to have some "hands-free" time. It's not too hot running by the pecan groves down here, but the bugs are starting to come out a little more. I've learned that if I keep moving, they don't bother me. It's motivation to put one foot in front of the other until I get to the door!

Playing at the pool

They were having races to the Frisbee

My little Cheeser

More races

Aislee bumped her nose and insisted on a bandaid.

Elin's little swimsuit. She hasn't actually gotten in the water, but she wears it when we go to the pool.

Ewan at bedtime. He likes to read for a few minutes before I read stories to him.

Movie night!

Elin in the tub. I have pictures of the twins in the tub, and Ewan in the tub...just because she's gonna be a middle child doesn't mean she can't have pictures of herself, too!

The twins like to workout with me on the mornings I don't go running. Olivia will take a break and ask me how I'm doing. Then she says, "You're doing great! Don't stop!"

Look at those smiles!

Uncle Jace with his stache. After taking this picture and showing it too him, he shaved!

Water Baby Elin.

With the Uncles.

We went to the zoo with the Uncles. It was 105 out, but we brought a lot of water!

We couldn't quite figure out if his horn was supposed to look like that.

Uncle Jace saying CHEESE

Ewan poured most of his down his front. It was dry by the time we got back to the car.

The Uncles and Paul were egging the polar bear on, trying to get him to jump. He did not.

We saw the new lions, or as Olivia likes to call him Ligons.

Court also had a wet head for a few minutes.

We went to Fuddruckers after the zoo

I was trying to distract the girls before our food was ready by telling them to touch their tongues to their noses.

Didn't really do it

Ewan wanted a box drink from our trip to the zoo, and Mommy wouldn't let him carry it around the house.

The thunder starts and then the rains come. It's wonderful!

Reading stories with Daddy before Mommy takes Elin away.

My Mom made Elin's blessing dress. It's beautiful. I didn't get very many pictures that Sunday, so I took them this Sunday.


I didn't have one with just her and me that Sunday either.

We were ready a few minutes before our 1:30 church.

We'll have to figure out the timer on the camera so Paul can participate and get Olivia to put her hand down.