Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What do you DO all day!

I've done this post a few times, but it seems that over the last few weeks I have been asked this quite a bit. It may have something to do with the fact that this is my second year having all four of the kids at home. Since I decided not to do a preschool this year, the twins are with me 24/7 whether they like it or not ;-) Most days it doesn't seem like I get a whole lot done between breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'll do a little "daily schedule"

5:30-6am: Run. I try to run 4-5 days a week. It helps with my sanity. It seems that the day goes a little smoother if I'm able to wake up and get in some miles. Paul got me a GPS watch that I love! It's pretty dark in the morning, but it's so much nicer to run when it's cool!
6-6:30: the kids get up. Sometimes it's a little earlier than this. It sure makes for a long day when they're up, but sometimes it means that they'll take good naps! I'm a morning person, so I don't really mind the early wake up. It's the 8 am whining that I could do without!
6:30-7: Breakfast. The kids like hot breakfasts. I have yet to convince them of the goodness of Cheerios. So, it's pancakes, waffles, french toast, toast, or banana bread. Elin will eat oatmeal and yogurt with fruit. Ewan will do yogurt and fruit. But the twins are "give me carbs with syrup!"At least they're eating.
7: Paul usually leaves for work around 7. If he has early meetings, he's gone before 6:30.
8: I've been trying to keep Elin in her bed until 8 since she's been struggling without a morning nap. If she takes a morning nap, it takes our walk to the park time out of the day. If we skip the nap, she's the saddest thing around 10 that ever was.
8:30: I try to hop in the shower around this time. I try to get them distracted enough that I can take a 5 minute shower. It can get a little difficult when they find me. Ewan has learned how to use his night-light to unlock doors...No lock stops that little man!
9-9:30: We try to get to the park. We either walk and play or go for a long walk around the block. It can take us upto an hour to walk the mile loop. We chase butterflies, take turns pushing the wagon, walk as slow as we possible can...sometimes we meet friends and enjoy some adult conversation...!
10:30-11: we make it home and cool off with drinks. I let them watch a short PBS show while I make lunch. We eat pretty early because we eat breakfast pretty early. We're usually done with lunch by 11:45.
12: Wind down before naps. They'll play in the playroom or color while I clean up, and then put Elin down. Sometimes, they get to watch another show.
12:15: Nap time! It is one of the most important times of day. Elin is really easy (she's in the crib). The other three aren't too bad. We go potty, read a story, and then we all lay quietly. Yes, I lay with all of them on the girls' bed. It can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to get all of them to sleep, but it is worth it. I tried to have the twins just do quiet-time, but they were a mess by 4. We've tried no naps to see if they'd sleep past 6:30. We have concluded that it doesn't matter what time they go to bed, they wake up early! I think I'm going to keep the naps for as long as I can.Sometimes, it's a challenge to get all three asleep while all three want to touch you, but do not want any part of them or their belongings to touch each other! :-/
1-3: I get all the stuff done. I prep for dinner, fold laundry, clean bathrooms, organize drawers, pick up toys, load dishes, pin, blog, and sometimes I fall asleep with them.
3:30: They wake up. Sometimes it's a little earlier, sometimes it's a little later. Elin has been sleeping for a little while longer since she doesn't get the morning nap.
4:Play. We play a lot, but this is about the time that they play the most. Or, they cling! It seems that if one wakes up sad, the whole lot of them want to sit on me. But, they can play forever! On the clingy days, I have to just sit and hold. I try to read to them, or we just kind of relax on the floor.
4:30-5: Dinner. We've been eating early. Paul's usually home around 6, if we're lucky. So, we eat when we're hungry. I try to have everything prepped so I can throw it together, put it in the oven, or whatever before 5.
6: Baths.
7: bedtime routine of bathroom, stories, hugs and kisses, prayers, and good nights.
7:15: bedtime routine of bathroom, stories, hugs and kisses, and good nights ;-)
7:30: hugs and kisses, and good nights ;-)
8: good nights
And in the less than 12 hours, we do it all over again! It really is great being a mom! I wouldn't change it for anything.
Ready for Church



She's just so cute!

The benches Paul built for the playroom. We have shelves now too.

Ewan's lunch. He bumped his ear and had to have a bandaid. I kept thinking he had a bluetooth device...!

Elin's lunch. She's getting cleaner and eating on her own.





Running gear.

The fort.

Inside the fort.

Another breakfast shot!


Building a castle

We moved in the kitchen to the living room so the table could be in the playroom for "Mom-School"

Elin loves swimsuits! She always wants to have one on over her clothes.

Ice cream post-family pictures

Ewan's picture preview





More castles

Picnic dinner up Madera Canyon

Saddest baby ever!

Not-so sad baby and handsome Daddy.

With Daddy

The moon

Big Bag Wolf

The smartest little piggy (bricks)


The three little piggies and the big bad wolf.

She's getting to be very independent.

She says it looks owey, but it doesn't feel owey. Aislee bumped her cheek on a corner while running "super fast".

ready for Church with Daddy

The girls. It got a little breezy up the Canyon.