Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Little Person (September 10)

Hey Little Person,
   I've decided to start writing something about this pregnancy, but not publish it until we announce you. I'm not quite ready to tell the world, not because we aren't overflowing with joy, but because I feel that pregnancy goes a little faster the longer I wait to tell everyone! You have been thought about, and prayed about, and waited for! Your older siblings have been talking about you for months if not a year, even though we weren't sure when you'd arrive. We have been anxiously waiting. Your due date is about May 14th. And, at this point, you are 5 weeks old. It's hard not to tell everyone about you. I think we've mentally told people! It's harder not telling all the kids about you. They talk about a baby in mommy's tummy all the time, and we pray for all the Aunts who have babies in their tummies. Your Daddy and I pray about you every night. We pray for your well-being, your health, and your strength. I have yet to experience any symptoms, besides a positive pregnancy test, but I'm sure it will come like it has come with all the other pregnancies! You are worth it!

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