Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey there (October 1)

8 weeks! This past week has been pretty rough. Daddy had his final project with his group and wasn't home until at 10pm most nights. It was pretty hard. Then we had Uncle Bryce and Aunt Kathleen's family come and visit. They brought us a piano, bar stools, and some other furniture from Grandma and Grandpa. We're still trying to figure out where everything goes. Olivia cut her hair, again. I had to take her in to get it fixed. The next morning, Aislee was telling Olivia that she wanted her hair cut too. Olivia said, "This is what you need to do. Find some scissors, cut it, and then Mommy will have to take you to get it fixed!" Yeah, not gonna happen! Luckily, Aislee hasn't been too impressed with the HOW. Wednesday evening, Elin was jumping on the trampoline with everybody and landed kind of funny. I thought it was a bad hyperextension. She was in a lot of pain most of the night. So, I took her to Urgent care the next morning to get an x-ray. Turns out, it was a proximal tibial fracture. It's not a really bad break, but she's in a cast for four weeks. Boy, is she heavy! Morning sickness hasn't really lightened up any. I am still sicker than anything! The doctor called me in some zofran. It works sometimes. I still throw up and feel pretty awful, but what can ya do? Actually, I decided to ask Heavenly Father for help. I really need to function and take care of everyone else, even though I feel not-so-hot. I've been asking for strength and a little relief. I've also asked Daddy to give me a blessing. It's so wonderful to have a worthy priesthood holder that can give me a blessing whenever I ask. I think it's helping a little. The only meal I can eat is dinner...but at least it's something. I'm really anxious for my appointment on Friday. There may be two in there. I'm really not feeling the way I did with singletons! I was throwing up one time and Ewan came in to check on me. He asked me what it was I was throwing up. I told him, "stomach acid". He said, "Mommy, you need to stop eating stomach acid. You're making yourself sick!"

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