Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little One (December 29)

We hit the 20 week mark! YAY! We will be seeing you in 20 weeks or less. It's so exciting! We were going to find out the gender on the 20th, but I was kind of picky about the ultrasound. I haven't gotten very good ultrasounds from the place by the hospital with the last two, so I requested somewhere else. They've decided to try us with the lady who everyone asks for. If it doesn't go the way we'd like it to go, they'll get me another somewhere else. We find out tomorrow! The nausea has been a little bit better, but it's mainly because I have a bit of a head cold and can't smell anything. My nose is starting to clear, so I'm starting to feel nauseated a lot more. After Christmas, we headed up to Aunt Kathleen's house to go to the aquarium with Spencer and Owen. All the kids really enjoyed it. Then, Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bryce took the kids back to their place so Daddy and I could have a long date! We saw the 2nd Hobbit movie, went to dinner, and stayed at a hotel. In the morning, we went to the Temple. We didn't think it was a good idea to do a session since I was feeling a little sick. We started doing sealings, but then I started getting a wave of nausea and then I started coughing. I existed quickly and found the bathroom. I made it! So, my streak is over and the nausea is back. I did get to finish a sheet of sealings, and then it hit me again. Then, we picked up some lunch and went back to Kathleen's house. We tried taking all the kids to Frozen, but it was sold out. So, we went back to the house with lots of candy and they watched Monsters University and ate lots of candy! Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bryce went on a date when he got home from work. We stayed the night and left in the morning for home. It was a good visit, and we had lots of fun! We may be going up to Utah this week. Great-Grandpa Burkinshaw was diagnosed with leukemia, and has a short time left with us. He is a pretty special Grandpa.

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The Clark's said...

Loved reading all the posts to your baby! So sweet!