Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas/New Year's Letter

Happy Holidays
from the Burkinshaws

As 2013 has come to a close, we'd like to give our wrap up of the year. Life has not slowed down, to say the least. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had, and look forward to more to come in 2014!

Elin (2) keeps us on our toes. This year has been especially busy for her. A week before a month and a half of traveling, she decided to potty-train herself. Elin did quite well, and enjoys being more independent. She has enjoyed being considered “one of the big kids”. While jumping on the trampoline, she landed funny on her leg resulting in a proximal tibial fracture. Her cast lasted four weeks, but she did not slow down. Elin figured out how to walk on the cast after a day. She was climbing, running, and getting into trouble! Her best friend is Ewan. They have really enjoyed the few hours they get a day to be buddies. Elin either agrees whole-heartedly with whatever Ewan wants, or completely disagrees with it. She is quick to voice her opinion on any subject matter. We love Elin and are so grateful for her.

Ewan (4) is the little man of the house. He is always on the move, and only slows down long enough to watch a Kratts Creatures or Curious George. Ewan loves cars, trains and ninjas. The morning of Halloween he requested to be a black ninja while we walked around Wal-Mart. Ninja costumes are very easy! Maybe we will all go as ninjas next year! Ewan's most common phrase is “my daddy and me”. He sure loves spending time with Paul, and can't wait for more time with Daddy after graduation. Ewan was a little bummed at not being able to go to school this year, but we think he has gotten over it. He really enjoys the quiet time to really play with whatever he wants, and have a lot of Mommy's attention to draw and paint, build towers and train tracks, and take walks around the park. Ewan is a sweetie. We are grateful for his goodness in our home.

Aislee (5) loves life. She is constantly asking questions, running around, and coming up with all sorts of games to play. Her favorite is “Mommy-Daddy” where she gets to be Elin's mommy. Aislee is always eager and willing to do her homework, and loves to color all of the pages. She loves school and finding new friends. We get to hear all about her classmates and how they are her “new best friends”. Aislee has a very kind heart and wants to include everyone in everything. She is very concerned if we have prayer and we're missing somebody. Her favorite things to do are color, write, and play outside. She also likes some down time to watch a princess show. She pauses any movie or show when anyone leaves the room so they won't miss any part of it. She recently started piano lessons, and loves it! We are so grateful for the sweetness she brings into our family.

Olivia (5) is full of energy. We wish we could bottle it! She is constantly moving. Olivia especially loves to play outside. She can be found walking the wall chasing lizards or collecting rocks in baggies all along the back porch. She is also loving school, and has so much to say when she gets home. It took her a little while to warm-up to her teacher, but after cutting her (own) hair, and her teacher distinguishing her from Aislee, she is right at home. Olivia loves being included with Aislee at all times and has to know what's going on. She loves singing and dancing around the house. She has decided that Wednesdays are her favorite days, and has to say the prayer at mealtimes and bedtime. Olivia loves to write letters and draw pictures for her classmates. Olivia also started piano lessons, and really enjoys it. We love the energy she brings to our home!

With four moving kids, Molly has to stay moving to keep up. She trained and ran a half-marathon in March, and got 8th in her division. Molly decided towards the end of Paul's very long and hard semester that she was going to take a trip with the kids. She drove to Cedar City to visit her family, and then caravaned to Oklahoma with Paul's family. Paul flew out 3 1/2 weeks later so they could go to Branson, MO for a week sans kids. It was wonderful to spend time as a couple. The summer was busy with Girls' Camp, family activities and kids. And, with the start of school for Paul and the twins in August, life hasn't slowed down. Molly was released from the Young Women's Presidency, and called into the Primary Presidency. It'll be neat to be more involved in what her own kids are doing for a little while. Molly has also been struggling with pretty serious morning sickness since September that hasn't gone away. We are excited to welcome a new baby girl coming May 2014!

Paul is probably the busiest with work, school, Church and home demanding his attention. He's finished out his classes with A's, and is looking forward to 2014 and being done with school for a while. Paul and a group of guys from the neighborhood ran the Phoenix Tough Mudder in February. His team did very well and got really muddy! He also ran a 5K in July with Molly and placed in his age-group. Paul worked very hard during the summer while constructing the “Great Wall of Burkinshaw”. It's a 100 feet long and ranges from 2-4 feet tall. It'll be full of fruits and vegetables someday (probably when life slows down)! Since September, Paul has had to pick up the role as Mommy also as Molly has been very sick. He is a very good nurse and tries to keep her as comfortable as possible while managing the chaos of 4 five and under. He has kept up with laundry, dishes, and vacuuming as if nothing is happening. He is fantastic!

We are so grateful for 2013 and the things we have experienced and learned! As we reflect on the end of the year, we are so grateful for our loving Father in Heaven and for his Son, Jesus Christ. Without which, we would not know of the Atonement and know that He lives. We look forward to the new year, the new opportunities, the new adventures, new challenges, and new blessings that are sure to come. May 2014 bring your home many great and wonderful things!

The Burkinshaws


Anderson Family said...

Congrats on another girl! Now I know why you didn't want to do the nut run with me, even if I asked you and you lied (I forgive you!). Good thing Ewan is such a boy! Girls are so much fun! Although I'm not sure how many clothes this new one will have, since our hand me downs after 3 girls are pretty shot. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

Kamber said...

Congrats you guys!! What a beautiful girl, this new little one will be. I hope your pregnancy is going well Molly!