Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little One (October 15)

So, we hit the 9 week mark and the 10 week mark! 1/4 of the way through. YAY! I had a doctor's appointment around 8.5 weeks because Daddy had that Friday off. Our day was planned so I could go to my appointment, and Daddy would pick the girls up from school and then meet me at the park, but Dr. Decker wanted me to get an ultrasound as soon as possible because I have been so sick. He thought there might be two in their. So, Daddy took the four kids to the zoo all by himself! What a great Daddy you have! I had my ultrasound, and there's only one! We were both a little relieved because two would be a little stressful with a new car, and school and getting help. I got to see your little body and heart. You're measuring right on! The last couple weeks have been kind of rough. Dr. Decker wanted to try this new medication for my morning sickness. He said that if I couldn't keep clear fluids down for more than 24 hours he would have to admit me to the hospital. We don't really have time for that, so we're trying the medicine. It makes me really, really tired! I could sleep 20 hours a day! Maybe that's how it works...you're so tired that you can't throw up. It's been hard on Daddy. He's had to do a lot of the stuff around the house because I'm either throwing-up or sleeping. We're trying to find a good balance. I had a pretty good day on Monday when my friend Jenni was here. But the next day was not-so-hot. Good thing your siblings are so patient with Mommy. Elin's a little trooper with her broken leg. She figured out how to walk on her cast after two days! She's been walking, climbing and getting into all sorts of trouble. I will admit that her cast stinks! It smells awful! The doctor said that it's a water-proof cast so she can get it wet, but I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that's why it smells so bad. It kind of makes Mommy sick. But, every smell makes Mommy sick. I've had to hold my breath when cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, and making dinner. All sorts of things send me into the bathroom. I had to change my shampoo because the smell of my hair was making me sick! You are so worth it! We told grandmas and grandpas about you after the ultrasound. They were very excited! Some of the uncles and aunts may have heard about you too, since they were in the car with grandpa. We're thinking of telling the rest of the family this weekend. We haven't told local people or announced it on facebook. Depending on how this morning sickness goes, we may have to tell people sooner than we had planned. It's hard to hide running to the bathroom a lot! We love you!

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