Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little One (December 10)

18 weeks tomorrow! I really think you like to let me know who is in charge, and it's not me! We've had some rough weeks! I know it's been kind of tough for Daddy too. When I'm not feeling so well, he has to do a lot of stuff! He does very well and is always willing to do more. The sleepy medicine helps for a few days, but it really knocks me out for a good day or so.It gets me back to functioning when I've had several days of not being able to keep anything down. We've also been struggling with some coughs and colds. This morning, we slept in until 7:30! That never happens! We had to rush around to get the girls off to school. Daddy got to feel you kick a few days ago. You're pretty strong! The kids are very excited for all things about you! They keep counting the months until May, and telling everyone that you're coming, and then telling them that it's a secret. It's not really a secret anymore! I haven't officially announced you, but I can't suck in anymore and more and more people are beginning to notice my tummy and that I'm lookin' a little grey...With all the morning sickness and stuff that's been going on, we are so excited for you! We get to find out whether you're a boy or a girl in a few weeks! The kids are so anxious and keep asking me if we're going to the doctor today. We'll have lots to celebrate for Christmas! Daddy is finishing up this semester this week, and then he gets almost a month off before he starts the next semester! Only three more classes! I got released from the Young Women and am now the 2nd Counselor in Primary. I'm going to really miss the girls and the leaders, but I get to see more of the other kids on Sunday. I'm looking forward to learning new things. The girls are loving school! They're doing really well with reading and writing. They love to label their pictures and tell me all the things that are happening in their class. Ewan is all Ewan. He loves you so much. He's always asking about you and how big you are. He wants to give you kisses and rub my tummy. He likes the time at home while the girls are at school so he can do whatever he wants. Elin is pretty good to play a long with whatever he wants to do. They're pretty good buddies when she's feeling good. She's been kind of cranky and not sleeping very well which makes Mommy and Daddy not sleep very well, and then makes Mommy's morning sickness even worse! We were trying to figure out what was wrong a few nights ago, and she finally said that her ears hurt. I took her to Urgent Care yesterday because it was Sunday and we really needed some sleep. Sure enough, she has an ear infection. Even with two doses of the antibiotic, she is a much more pleasant two year, as far as two year olds go! Elin likes to get into everything and has no fear of high places. Other than the craziness that is our lives, we are lovin' it. We look forward to bringing you into it! You'll fit in perfectly!

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