Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things to Remember

Things can get kind of crazy in house full of little people! Sometimes, I get caught up in the day-to-day cleaning, laundry, sweeping, mopping, bathroom breaks, and crowd control that I forget to notice the little things that are really the "big" things.These are just some things that have been happening lately. Most are just silly, but things I'd like to remember

  • Elin is starting to give kisses. They're usually open mouth and with a little tongue.
  • After watching Cinderella one afternoon, Olivia came into the kitchen while I was making bread and told me that I need to die. And that Paul needed to die so that she could have a step-mother who was evil.
  • When Ewan is in trouble, he puts out his arms and says, "But, I need you" 
  • Aislee likes to have her hair exactly like mine. If I have braids, she wants braids. If my hair is in a messy bun hers is in a messy bun.
  • The twins got pictures taken for primary for Father's Day. They each think the other one is them. 
  • Ewan gets overly excited when he sees that I'm making rolls for dinner
  • Elin has learned to go up and down the slide. She claps for herself every time she comes down.
  • Elin is obsessed with shoes. She loves to have shoes on. She gets really sad when I take her shoes off to put her down for a nap.
  • Aislee tells me everyday that she's not tired. I tell her that everyone is just going to rest for a little while. It takes her 2-3 mins to fall asleep.
  • After about the third time I put Ewan back in his bed at night he asks to say a prayer. He then whispers his prayer and asks to stay in his bed all night long. He stays in his bed after that.
  • Olivia sings "I Am A Child Of God" everywhere we go. Some people at Costco stared at us for a long time as she belted it out down an aisle.
  • Ever since Paul and I were engaged we'd say, "I'll love forever, and then some" It's the inscription on his ring. Ewan says, "Mommy, I wub you forever and then some."
  • Elin yells MOM! 
  • The twins don't like cereal. They ask for a hot breakfast every morning.
  • Elin can use a spoon with her oatmeal and is pretty clean for a 15 month old.
  • Ewan loves to watch Piano Guys on youtube (check them out). He's decided he's going to be cellist.
  • Olivia loves fondu.
  • Aislee can make her bed.
  • When Elin bonks her head she rubs it and comes over for a kiss.
  • The twins are recognizing letters more. Olivia says, "I'm C-C-C-Cold. That starts with C". Aislee points out letter As and tells me that it's her letter.
  • Ewan fell off a merry-go-round at a birthday party. His first concern was how dirty he got, not the large scratch on his arm.

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Jenni said...

Fondu? Homemade bread AND rolls for dinner? Man, I really need to step it up! How do you do it? I love the twins' orange shirts, and Elin is looking so big!! Cute "little" moments... they are the big ones though!