Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are home! It was really nice to get a break for a few weeks, but there's a reason why we have homes. It's nice to be in your own space. We had a lot of fun in Oklahoma with Grandma Stacey and Grandpa Jeff. We were able to spend time with Paul's sisters, Kathleen and Jessica. We went to the splash-pad, the park, Woolaroc, The Kiddy Park, and watched fireworks at the Vaclaw's. We had a really good time. Paul flew out early so we could spend some time together. We were able to go to Oklahoma City for a day. I made him go to the outlet mall and go shopping. I think he was so excited to see me that he went along with whatever I wanted to do! We also went to the Temple before meeting up with Paul's parents and the kids. It was a much needed date. We are so grateful for parents who allow us to have some time together, while they get to know our kids. After we met up with Paul's parents, we headed to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. My grandma has timeshares and was gracious enough to allow us to use some of her time. She came along, so our kids got to know one of the most amazing ladies, Grandma Gloria. We are so grateful for her influence and love. My parents, brothers, sister and her family were also there. We had a lot of fun at the Rootbeer Float Social, playing on the tennis court, running on the golf course outside our room (sorry golfers!), hiking to a waterfall, and swimming with the Uncles. We were sad not to have more time with everyone, but we were ready to get home. Every time I'd put Ewan down for bed he would talk about "his bed", "his house", and "his clothes". I had to remind him that he was wearing his clothes and that we brought all his clothes with us!
Here are some of our pics. I should have taken more, I apologize!

Playing with Grandpa Jeff when he came to "pick us up". We left at 4am, and drove 18 hrs. Well, Grandpa did all the driving!

The splash pad! I totally think we should make one in the backyard! Elin didn't really like the water.

Ewan is the one in the orange shorts. There was a group of older kids sitting under one of the sprinkler things, and he went right up to them and told them to stop being so noisy. It was pretty hilarious to hear him say, "Shhh...Stop it. Okay!"

Aislee loved it! She would run around and through everything!

Olivia also really enjoyed it She'd get awfully excited whenever we mentioned going to the splash pad!

Elin just liked being outside and in her swimsuit. She spend the rest of the time we were in OK carrying around her swimsuit and trying to get her sandals on.

Ewan and the twins' shades.

Elin took quite a liking to Aunt Kathleen.

Grandma Stacey helping with towels.

Ewan coming back for a towel.

Nap time was only accomplished with a lot of help from Grandma and Grandpa. I'd get Ewan and Elin to sleep while they put the twins down. They went down a lot easier than Ewan! He just liked to touch my face and talk to me about his Daddy.

Water colors! I really need to get these!

Elin didn't get water colors. She got fruit snacks or crayons and paper.

Grandma Kay. This is Paul's mom's mom. She moved to OK a few years ago. We love being able to spend time with her when we come to visit!

Aislee made their bed all by herself. She asked for a picture.

At the park. Elin is obsessed with shoes!

Cousin Breeny!

Aislee striking a pose.

Another of Breeny

Spencer was hilarious!

Ewan's shorts kept falling down when he went down the slides!

Ewan had a ball dancing at Coleman's reception. I didn't get very many pictures!

The park by our unit at Pagosa.

Uncle Rand sprained his ankle playing soccer. He had a hard time not doing all the things we were doing!

Paul and Elin. I'm glad she didn't stick him with that thing!

Grandpa Tim and Ewan. It started to thunder while we were hiking. My dad said every time it thundered, Ewan would get a better grip!

Paul and Elin. Isn't he handsome? She's pretty cute too.

With some of the cousins and Uncles.

Us at the falls.

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The Clark's said...

Welcome home! Looks like you guys had lots of fun plus you got to escape Arizona's heat for a few weeks.