Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime and the livin's easy...

I'm sorry I haven't added pictures to my last post. Since it's been a little while and I need to update on more things that have happened, I'll just do a new post. We took a trip to Utah for the 4th of July. We drove from Tucson to Phoenix, hopped on a plane for an hour to Vegas and then drove three hours to Cedar City. The trip wasn't too bad and the girls were very entertaining on the plane for all those who sat around us. We couldn't believe how much greener and cooler Cedar City was compared to Tucson. We took a walk at 10am and didn't feel like we were dying of heat exhaustion. We sat outside in the evenings and felt the cool breeze. Breezes are never cool in Tucson! The girls got to spend time with the Uncles and the cousins. They're still having a hard time with new people, but they're getting better. We had water fights with the Uncles and cousins and watched fireworks on the 4th at the Stake Center. The girls weren't terribly impressed with the fireworks, but we thought they were pretty. After spending time with my family, we flew back to Tucson to meet 108 degree heat.

This past week while we've been home, we've been finding some new toys we didn't know we had. Paul and I now wonder why we spend money on toys when we could just buy a plastic box and sit them on the kitchen floor. Here are a few videos and pictures from our trip and our latest endeavors.

Olivia in the 'naked' carseat. I was cleaning the covers.

Playing on the floor. They really are "All Love"



Aislee helping Mommy pack for Utah.

Family pic at the 4th firework show (I was looking at another camera).

Clapping at the show.

Aislee was getting pretty tired.

Olivia wasn't very impressed with the show.

Who needs a 'sit and spin'?

Summertime food

We don't need a walker...

We love watching ourselves on the TV!

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Jenni said...

your girls know how to make the most of what they have! smart girls :) I love the videos, I just smile the whole time I watch them!