Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mixin' it Up!

It has been a while since our last post and we've been a little busy. I'll go in chronological order so I won't miss anything. The week we were finding out what we were having, we had a baby shower for someone in our neighborhood, pack meeting, our ward BBQ and a whole lot of other things to get done. At the baby shower, I found out that our Pack Leaders were moving out of the Ward and the mothers wanted me to be in charge of the pack meeting on Thursday. Paul and I threw some things together and got two of our boys their Bears and two of them their Bobcats. We are glad that is over! Before Pack meeting, we went in for our ultrasound. We're pleased to announce that we will be mixing things up a bit. We are having a BOY! It will be a big change from pink and purple, but we are looking forward to a little guy. We haven't quite agreed on a name yet, so it may be 'hush-hush' for a few more months.
Friday, we attended our ward BBQ and found out that there is a new set of 7 year old twins in our ward. We have four sets of twins! It's amazing...when we first had them I had read a lot about the need for family support groups for multiples. We don't have to look very far to share stories.
Saturday was full of excitement! We took a drive up to the Foothills area to go shopping at the Outlet Mall. The girls are growing out of so many things, it was time to get clothes! If anyone knows Tucson, it is not the easiest place to navigate and the freeway is under construction so it takes over an hour to get from one end of town to the other! We finally made it! Thank goodness the outlet mall is indoors! I found some cute Sunday dresses for under $6 and much needed onesies. Later that evening, I was putting the girls in the tub and started to get some palpitations. Paul finished baths while I rested and tried to get my heart rate back to normal. We waited 10 minutes and then called our Relief Society President to come over and watch the girls while Paul drove me to the ER. After checking me in at the Triage and documenting that my heart rate was above 230 beats per minute, they got me in a room with a crash-cart and a 12 lead EKG. Everything happened a lot faster than last time and within the hour they had given me Adenosine and were getting some paperwork to release me. Thank goodness for medicine. I got pretty nervous when they brought the paddles in and hooked up all the pads for a 'shock'. It took a little longer than last time to get my heart rate back into the 90s, but they didn't feel that I needed further observation. We made it home in time to put Aislee to sleep and finish our movie.
Pictures to come! (not of the hospital, just the girls)


Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

Sounds busy and were glad your ok! Call us anytime you need something!

Jenni said...

We are so excited you are having a little boy. We went shopping the other day and I dragged Mason into the little boys section looking for something. I loved it! I'm glad to hear they got you stabilized and that everything is okay. Good thing you acted quick! That is so scary.

Nicki said...

Molly, no good! No more trips to the ER :( I hope this pregnancy is treating you better than your last. I miss you so much! Love you!

Unknown said...

Mollie...My name is Sarah. I know Paul from Bartlesville...used to babysit him and all the other Burki littles. :o) My sister has twin girls a few years older than yours and would love to give her good sets of clothes to someone who will use them. Email me at sebastings@gmail.com and we can chat! Congrats on the little boy coming!! I have the same number, in the same order...and just a tad closer in age. You'll love it. And you are right....you can sleep later!!