Thursday, April 24, 2008

Babies Update

Well, we went to the doctor and are excited to announce that we are having identical girls! Paul's parents and sister (Chelsea) came to the ultrasound with us. We got to go through all of their little structures. It was pretty neat. They're doing very well. However, with identical twins there are some concerns. They're sharing a placenta/blood supply. We have to go in every two weeks until 28 weeks to get ultrasounds to monitor the blood supply and growth. The doctor said that complications are extremely rare, but they'll keep an eye on things to be safe. Thank goodness for medical technology! We are so grateful! We've settled on names; Olivia and Aislee. Whenever we tell people "Aislee", they say they've never heard it. It's an Irish name similar to Ainsley. My mom probably would have used it if she wouldn't have had only 3 girls and 7 boys. I've always liked it. We even know what we're going to "call" them. We like Livi and Ase (pronounced Ace). Paul thought of the Ace one. We're still trying to figure out middle names. Olivia's will most likely be Christine after my sister (Megan Christine). I like Maureen for Aislee's because it is my middle name and it's my mom's name. She doesn't have a granddaughter named after her yet.
Other than the exciting news of identical girls, everything else is pretty boring. I'm graduating today! YEA! No more tests, papers, assignments, or boring lectures!


Susan said...

Congratulations Molly! Identical girls will be so much fun. And I think the names you've picked out work really well.

Katie said...

Wow Molly. How fun! Identical twins...that's pretty exciting. My friend from Farmington has 1 yr old identical twin boys, maybe I should give you their number! :)
(I just happened to find your blog from Marie's; I was excited to see you have one! Come visit!)