Tuesday, September 17, 2019

And On To The Baby!

After we get home from Texas it was time to wait for the baby to come. We had about 4 weeks until my due date, but we were hoping that his arrival would be a little early. I felt like I needed a little time to recover before packing up and moving half-way across the country. I went in for my 36 week check and was a 2 and 50%. Dr. Decker, bless his heart, said that he'd be seeing me within the week with this baby. I didn't really believe him. I knew things were happening, but I didn't think that it would happen that soon. My next appointment, I was at a 4 and about 75%. So, things were happening. Every night for the next two weeks I'd wake up from 1-4am with contractions every 2-3 mins. They weren't painful enough for me to go in, but they sure did keep me up. When I'd go in for my appointment, Dr. Decker would reassure me that things were happening, and that he was surprised that I was not really in labor. My mom came that week just in case something happened. She was going to help me get ready for things. He stripped my membranes twice, but nothing was moving fast enough and I really didn't want to get induced. But, we decided that 39 weeks was probably a good time to have him, since the movers were coming that next week, and we were closing on the 5th. So, we went in on July 26 at 6:30am. Instead of inducing me, because I was a 4+, he broke my water. In the past, within an hour of my water being broken, a baby would be there. After four hours of no progress, I decided to let them put me on the pitocin. I do not like pitocin! That stuff is like being on the machine in The Princess Bride. It takes years of your life away! But, something just didn't seem right. Within 20 minutes of the pitocin, I was at a 6. About 30 minutes after that I was an 8. The contractions were coming strong! I was breathing and counting. Paul was great. He is an amazing support! Dr. Decker came in to check since I was getting to that point. I was ready, but I couldn't really breathe. He left the room and said, "Let me know when you're ready. I'm 6 seconds away." Paul pretty much followed him out and was like, "Yeah, we're ready." So, things started happening quickly. Nurses were moving. And so it began. I would just breathe and count in my head. I tried to see how high I could get before the next wave came. Sometimes it as 25 seconds, others it was 10. I began to push and just count. Something felt different, but I wasn't sure what it was. I felt like I was working really hard to get him out, but there wasn't that relief yet. Dr. Decker had me just keep pushing. So, I counted. I just kept counting in my head while pushing. I got to about 45 and was still in pain and working really hard. He had me really push (I thought I was...) for a little longer, and then the relief came and I could feel the rest of his little body come out. I was a little in shock. it got a little intense. They put him on my chest and I asked if everything was okay. He didn't seem to really "cry" like the others. He just looked at me. And, then...he cried! The nurses asked if they could just take him for a second to warm him up. I was still dealing with other things coming out of my body. So, I was like "sure, but he's not leaving the room." They rubbed him down while the rest of delivery happened. Dr. Decker said that he looked like a Burkinshaw and he was a big baby! He looked big! They gave him back to me. I just held him in relief as all those emotions come over you after having a baby. The "holy cow! That hurt!", "I'm glad I'm not still pushing", and the "Oh, my goodness! There's a baby on my chest" feelings. He latched quickly and spent the next 15-20 minutes suckling as I continued to breathe. I asked Paul what happened. Why did it feel like I was working so hard, but nothing was happening? So, he told me. It seemed like with every push, he'd come down a little bit more but then get sucked back up. When I pushed for that really long time, Dr. Decker was able to see that the cord was around his neck and shoulder. He was tethered and couldn't descend all the way. The next long push got him to where Dr. Decker could get the cord, and then he came out really fast. All of my babies, except for the twins, have come posterior. So, he hit me as he came out. His little face was a little bruised, but he was perfect. I can totally see how women can have PTSD after having traumatic births. With all the rushing around, people scrambling, the calm going away...it can be pretty scary. I'm glad we decided to stay with Dr. Decker and deliver in Tucson. He has delivered the last six, and knew me and how things usually went. He was aware of my capabilities in the delivery room. He stayed calm, reassured me that everything was okay. I think it made a huge difference. After I was all cleaned up, the brought me some food. I almost missed lunch, and was starving! I don't like hospital food much, so Paul went and got me a little more food after I went to recovery. We discussed names. We called and text family. We Facetimed the kids. Paul went down to get the kids. We had a lot to do in the next week before the movers came, and I was ready to not be in the hospital. We finally settled on a name, Emerson Timothy Burkinshaw, weighing 8lbs 3 oz, and 19.5 inches long. Paul stayed that night at the hospital. The nurses were really great this time. They didn't bother me at all. They didn't wake me up when OI was resting. No one followed me into the bathroom. Last year, the recovery nurse was a little overbearing. I wanted to say, "Hey! I've done this before. I know my body. I don't need you to hover at the toilet or come in every 2 hours and tell me I need to rest." I still don't know why they have someone come in at 3am and get some blood! Breakfast came, but wasn't much. Paul went and got me some Panera to supplement. He then went home to shower and get the kids. I wanted to be out of there by 4pm. The kids came up with Paul and my mom. They hung out for a little while, eating hospital ice and taking turns holding Emerson. Everyone was very excited, especially Ewan. He finally has a brother! Paul took everyone back home, and left my mom and the little van so I could check out. I had already been cleared by Dr. Decker. The pediatrician was a little worried about Emerson's bilirubin levels but said it was probably from the bruising and that I needed to come in first thing on Monday to have them checked. We got all loaded up and checked out. I was so ready to be home! Paul didn't tell the kids that I was coming home. We weren't sure they would let me go after 24 hours because I was GBS+ with Isobel, and they usually keep you even if you're not positive after. But, I think Dr. Decker knew we were okay. The kids were pretty excited to have me home! We ate dinner, held a baby a lot, and then went to bed. I decided to go to Church the next morning. It probably a little crazy, but Paul was getting released from the Bishopbric and I wanted to be there to support him. My mom was leaving also. My younger brother was getting home from his mission soon! It was a busy time! We are so glad things worked out well. Emerson made it to our family safely! We can't imagine life without his sweetness. He is quiet and content, but will definitely let you know when he has been "mothered" too much by a sister. He likes to be held at night. He likes to eat. And, he is very good at messing his pants. On to some pictures!

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