Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm a little behind, but I'm getting there. Ewan turned the big O-3 last Tuesday! He has been so excited for his birthday pretty much since the twins' birthday! He's been telling everyone he meets that he's going to have a chocolate birthday cake. Paul took Aislee and Ewan to Wal-Mart while I took Olivia and Elin to Safeway the Saturday before. Paul was picking up some non-food items and other things like cake mix and such. As they were standing in the check out, the woman in front of them noticed they had cake. She asked if it was somebody's birthday. Ewan rested his hand on her back and proceeded to tell her all about our birthday festivities coming up. Paul said that he even started to rub her back a little...this coming from the boy who would point and say, "NO!" at anyone who looked his way! He sure is growing up. All the "grandmas" at church comment on how handsome he is and what a sweetie he has become. Ewan is a pretty sweet kid. There are days when I'm ready for a break and while lying on the floor with everyone crawling all around me, Ewan will come and lay on my tummy and give me a big hug, "Mommy, I love you". He's a good brother and keeps everyone in-line, that's for sure! Ewan is a "daddy's boy" and can't wait for him to come home. When Paul's home, I can't do anything for Ewan. It has to be Daddy. We are so glad that Ewan is in our family. We couldn't imagine life without him! We love you, buddy!

They sure have gotten bigger!


He is very loved!


Last year he wanted to missionaries over for his birthday.


He wanted a chocolate football. And, since I don't eat chocolate, I made a fun-fetti soccer ball...;-)

AND, this year he wanted to the missionaries over!


Susan said...

They do grow up so fast. Happy birthday to such a husband little man!

Susan said...

a husband little man? Um, try a cute little man. I am obviously too tired to be on the internet. Good night!

The Kartchners said...

I love that he wanted the missionaries to come over, what a cute little boy.

Nicki said...

I am so so glad that I got to be there and visit you. This was a blast. Your kiddos are amazing! I so miss being your next door neighbor!!