Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the potty train

I've had the "potty-training" talk with Ewan a few times. I would say things like, "If you want to wear big boy underpants, you have to go potty on the toilet", "Do you want to be a big boy? You'll be a big boy when you go potty on the toilet." Both of us knew that the first statement was untrue. He's been wearing underpants over his diaper were months! And the other statement would just have him frowning or exclaiming that he was okay with being a baby! Yeah, I don't really know how to motivate him. But, last week I was changing his diaper after breakfast and he asked me not to put another diaper on him. He wanted to go potty on the toilet.Paul was home, and I kinda looked at him like, are we gonna try this? We decided to go with it! He's done really well! He's had a few accidents, and they've really been my fault. I wasn't paying attention after lunch. And the other time was at Stake Conference while Paul was being set apart. I planned on taking him before, but they said it would just take a few minutes. Blast those few minutes! He doesn't really tell me when he needs to go yet, but he goes when I take him in. He's been dry at nap time and in the mornings. I still put a diaper on him 'cause I'm too lazy. I do plenty of laundry already! This is the first time ever I've had only one baby in diapers! I may buy myself something fancy...like replace my food processor that melted in the dishwasher after I mistakenly pressed the hot water and heated dry settings. Bummer of a lifetime, I tell you what! Anyway, we're excited for Ewan to be a big boy! Maybe I can potty-train Elin over Christmas...!


The Clark's said...

Way to go Ewin! I think I tell Carson every day how much I love that he's potty trained!

Susan said...

Good job, Ewan!