Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Aislee was taking pictures with my phone. Olivia was pretending to be a pillow.

Coloring. We color a lot.

Trying to figure out wedding outfits. We were getting ready for Church. She thought I was leaving her.

Ewan showing how to properly clean the table.

And, how to play soccer in the kitchen.


With Grandpa Jeff, Spencer, and Daddy at Temple Square.

Baby Harrison (Jess' newest)

Making silly faces with Grace and Sabrina.

Grace's silly face. The kids have been making "Silly faces" ever since!

Getting ready to leave for Utah.

Another picture at Temple square. It was chillier than we had expected it to be. Hey, we're from AZ. Everyday is a shorts day!

This was their favorite part!

And this was our favorite part!

And this!

Especially this!

Not to mention, this!

Aislee's photo of Ewan with Grandpa Tim. My parents came up to watch kids while we got to attend the Sealing.

The cousins!

More pictures!

We were trying.

Walking with Grandpa back to the hotel.

Shopping at Nordstroms. (Olivia)



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The Robinson's said...

Cute pictures! Thats fun you got to see family! Btw I saw your sister at the Spectrum 10k a few weeks ago, and thought of you. Looks like all is well with your darling family:)