Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In between diapers

Well, we're all moved in and settling into our new home. Thanks to family, we were able to get a lot of those annoying move-in things taken care of without a lot of fuss. Paul's parents drove back from Utah with me and stayed a few extra days to help install ceiling fans, kitchen hardware, and blinds. They also let Paul and I have a date, which was much needed.The trip to Utah went well. I finished the half-marathon with my dad and sister (Arianne got 2nd place and rocked the St. George marathon a few weeks later). I was a little sore and probably looked kinda funny walking around for the next couple days, but it was a good experience and I hope to do it next year! I got to attend my friend, Kamber's wedding. It was beautiful, and we're very excited to get to know Shane better. Paul packed and moved everything while I was gone which was very nice of him. I couldn't have packed while I was home with three kids unpacking faster than I pack! We've enjoyed more space, being closer to a more kid-friendly park, and the extra time we get with Paul now that we're 20-30mins closer! With all the extra space, Ewan had to learn how to walk pretty quickly in order to keep with the twins running around. He was getting so frustrated watching them run past him while he was crawling to wherever they were. He's not that fast, but he's getting there. The twins are adjusting well...kinda, they're still having a hard time staying in their bed the whole night. If we could get that taken care of, life would be just fantastic! We're looking forward to the cooler weather (we love Arizona falls and winters). 


Ari said...

Looks like you have a lot of room! Happy times!

Susan said...

Congrats on getting settled!

The Kartchners said...

good job on the half marathon, i'm impressed, maybe I'll do it with you next year.:1