Friday, August 13, 2010


Magnum! So, Ewan is nine months old today. He was born on Friday November 13, and turned 13 weeks on a Friday the 13th, and is now 9 months old on Friday the 13th. Just a little about my little man...Ewan loves to eat. He loves to find whatever he can and stuff it into his mouth. He likes just about everything he has tried, except for baby food. He's still a very good nurser, every 2-3hours except at night. He sleeps pretty well, 8-5ish. He wishes he was a little bigger so he could play a little more with the sisters. Ewan is pretty easy-going and happy. He cries when he falls over after letting go of something, or when the sisters get a little too much into his business. He loves the tub and pool. He'd stay in all day long! He's about 20lbs. I haven't taken him in for his check yet because I want to do all of them at the same time and since the twins will be 2 in a few weeks, I'm gonna wait and make Paul come with me (Muwahaha!). Ewan is also a model. Yeah, he's gonna be a model someday. He has a pose that he finds comfortable and can basically stay in it for quite some time. We call it "magnum", but it's pretty similar to "blue steel". I've wanted to a post on his trick for a while, but when I started the post, I realized that I didn't document it the way I should have. I've spent the last couple days taking every opportunity to catch him!

We'll also give an update on the twins. They're are quite the talkers these days. they try to repeat everything I say, which means that I should really start being more careful about what I say. Every mother's nightmare is to have her two year old say "crap" in sacrament meeting or something! They say, "Where did he go?", "Daddy will be right back" "What are you doing?", "Wake up!", "Help me please", "Please have more", "boogers have dirt and bugs", "He get you!", "He bite you!", and a few others that I can't recall right now. They don't like bugs or being sticky. When they're done crying, they ask to have their noses, eyes and cheeks wiped. They sing and dance and shut doors.

Paul getting hugs and kisses.

Playing with daddy's guitar. I don't let them play with my violin.


Paul singing and playing with some help.

This is how Ewan spends "water table time". He doesn't really like it, but he'll be playing soon enough.

Olivia making faces at Ewan.

Olivia's after-nap hair.

Singing time! "The Wise Man and The Foolish Man"

Olivia giving Aislee a kiss.

Ewan moved out of his pose.


Best friends.

I was chasing them down the hall with the camera and asking them to say CHEESE!

So happy!

Tired! They woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and were very, very tired.

Eating dream-sicles.

Nap time is a wonderful time!

After water-table time and before getting clothes back on. They're all in the same size diapers. Cannot wait to have only one in diapers!


An update on Paul and I...We finally went on a date that we had been planning for three months. Every time we made a plan something would happen. The babysitter got sick, we got sick, we just didn't have time that week...the list goes on. I wanted to try something new and was really looking forward to going somewhere we'd never been before. I did research on restaurants, places I wanted to try...when it came down to it, we ended up going to the Olive Garden and ordering something we've never tried before. We got an appetizer, split a meal, and got a dessert. During my research, I found that a lot of these places have recipes online. So, we're trying a few of our favorites at home. So much for being adventurous! I ran 10 miles last Saturday. I wasn't too sore afterward, and I'm told that if you can run 10, you can run 13. I sure hope so! I have six more Saturdays until the half-marathon!


Bryce and Kathleen said...

haha, that ewan is such a cutie! and those girls are pretty adorable as well!

Ari said...

They are all growing so fast!!

The Kartchners said...

love the model pose!