Monday, August 3, 2009

Bigger and Better!

Okay, okay...I'm not talking about the pregnancy, but growth in pregnancy is a good thing as much as I don't like that part. Our little guy is getting bigger and his kicks are sure getting stronger. I think we have a "striker" in the making! I'm fifteen weeks away from the due date and really looking forward to it! I don't hate being pregnant, it's just nice when it's over for a little while. The girls are getting bigger and more mobile. They've taken a few good steps on their own and they grab a hold of anything in order to get from one place to another. They're little personalities are coming out more. Paul and I are really noticing similarities and differences. For a while we had a hard time changing their diapers because they were so wiggly. We've learned that some Cheeriors on their tummies and a few rounds of "itsy, bitsy spider" or "popcorn popping" keeps them still long enough to clean them up and strap a diaper on them. Lately, they've been waking up in the middle of the night just to talk. We can hear them on the monitor just chattin' away at each other. Every night is a sleepover! We'll be moving into a three bedroom apartment in a few weeks! The girls will enjoy the extra space. The kitchen is bigger, which I will enjoy. We don't necessarily need a three bedroom right away, but with the anticipation of visitors in the next few months and Moms coming in November, we decided that it'd be best to do it now, before things get too crazy and I get too big! Paul is enjoying work and has some busy weeks. He likes being busy! We weren't able to go to Lake Powell this year. My doctors said that it may be a little too risky with the heart problems I have been having. If something were to happen on the Lake, it's a bumpy ride back to the Wahweep and flight to Flagstaff. So, we opted to stay here and use our vacation days for our visitors. We plan on being their next year. Paul needs a Lake experience and I haven't skiied in three years! Here are a few pictures.

I just think these are really cute pajamas. (Olivia)

Paul was taking too longer and they were getting angry.

25 weeks!

Paul giving lessons

Taking naps

Every morning after Paul leaves for work, they go to the window and cry for a few minutes. I don't think they do that when I go to the grocery store.

Sunday naps

Sunday Naps.


Dana and Michael said...

Oh Molly you are to cute!

The Kartchners said...

you look really cute pregnant and are such a great mommy! Did you ever get the invite to our blog?