Monday, September 15, 2008

Rand's Homecoming

This weekend we went down to Cedar City to hear Rand (Molly's brother) report on his mission to Singapore. His talk was great, and we had fun seeing all the family that came down. Unfortunately our camera died after the first picture we took, but we were able to borrow a camera and get some good pictures. Mad props to Jenni for the cute yellow dresses the twins are wearing. This first one illustrates how big a difference 1 pound can make (when 1 pound is 20% of your body weight!). Aislee is still about 1 pound, give or take a couple of ounces, bigger than Olivia. It is also their first time in real tub (we only have a shower in our apartment, so they get baths in the sink)!

But can you tell the difference between them when they are in their dresses?

Molly and I are smiling, but Aislee and Olivia obviously don't enjoy being help upright for pictures (Molly almost dropped her baby on this one).

Strangely they are much more comfortable in these positions. Aren't my girls beautiful?


Jenni said...

MOLLY!! you look SO good!! Did you have two babies or what? Because I see no sign of that anywhere. Those dresses look so cute on them...I'm glad your getting good use out of them already!

Unknown said...

These are possibly the cutest pictures I have ever seen in my life! They look so cute in those dresses! I just want to be a creepy aunt and kiss their precious little lips!

Beau and Jamie said...

Einie Congrats on the twins! That's way exciting! I bet you have your hands full! :)

Anonymous said...

As they are getting closer to the same size and weight is it getting harder for you to tell them apart? Have you figured out a system to keep from mixing them up? I remember being in a ward once where the Dad was giving his identical twins a name and blessing and had mixed them up. The mom caught it and he had to "reverse" the blessing!