Monday, January 10, 2011


Since it's a new year, and last year I didn't post our New Year's resolutions until February, I figured it was a good idea to do them now. We'll do a recap of last year to see how well we did and what we need to do this year.

Ewan (2010):
  • Sleep through the night
  • Crawl and walk
  • Keep up with the sisters
  • Eat crackers
  • Try apple juice
  • Avoid getting sat on by the sisters
What has he done?
He's our best sleeper and would probably sleep longer if the twins didn't come in and wake him up.
He's a walking machine! He keeps up with everyone pretty well.
He eats plenty of crackers and loves apple juice!
He gets sat on sometimes, but he's big enough to give it right back.

Ewan (2011)
  • Grow more hair
  • Start talking
  • Be the best big brother ever
  • Eat with a fork and spoon (and not dump eating bowl on the floor)
Aislee (2010):
  • wake up happy from naps
  • go down the slide all by herself
  • go to nursery with a smile
  • sleep in a big girl bed
  • give more hugs and kisses to Ewan and Livi
What has she done?
We still need to work on waking up happier from naps, but we're getting better.
She can climb up the ladder and go down any slide all by herself!
She goes to nursery pretty well as long as Mommy doesn't take her.
She sleeps very well in a big girl bed
She is a very good hugger and kisser.
Aislee (2011):
  • Get potty-trained
  • Eat a whole meal without saying, "not this"
  • Do a summersault on the trampoline
  • Continue to give hugs and kisses
Olivia (2010):
  • only give hugs and kisses to Aislee and Ewan
  • learn to say "okay, Mom" instead of "no, no no"
  • share her toys
  • sleep in a big girl bed
  • eat dinner without having to be semi-naked
What has she done?
She's also a very good hugger and kisser.
She says, "Okay, Mom" and thanks me when I change her diaper.
She's learning to be a better sharer. She knows she has to "trade" if she wants a toy.
She sleeps very well in her big girl bed.
They eat pretty well fully-dressed. It's more for my convenience if we take their shirts off
Olivia (2011):
  • Get potty-trained
  • Eat some vegetables
  • Pick up play-room
  • Continue to give more hugs and kisses
  • Be the best BIGGEST sister
Molly (2010):
  • run a half-marathon in May and then keep running
  • go on a real date with Paul at least once a month
  • read more books
  • not stress out about little things
  • give more hugs and kisses
What did she do?
I didn't get to run the half-marathon in May because we were in Utah saying goodbye to Uncle Joel. But, I ran one in September.
We really tried to go on a real date once a month. We're hoping to be better this year.
I finished the Harry Potter series and a few John Grisham books.
I stress and Paul has come to understand that I just bottle the stress. Being pregnant, I try not to stress too much about stuff, 'cause that's when contractions happen. It's a work in progress!
Who can't give more hugs and kisses?
Molly (2011):
  • Potty-train in February
  • Paint three rooms before the baby comes, and have the rest of the house painted by the end of the year
  • Learn how to sew
  • Run half-marathon in September
  • A real date once a month with Paul
Paul (2010):
  • help Molly train for a half-marathon
  • find a babysitter for dates
  • play more
  • teach Ewan how to catch and kick balls
  • give more hugs and kisses
  • take a nap
What did he do?
He was very helpful with training. He would watch the kids while I'd go for long runs on the weekends. He also lifted weights with me three times a week, and still does.
We're working on finding a babysitter for dates. It's kinda hard with three very little ones!
He's really good at playing with the kids.
Ewan can kick and throw. Catching is hard!
He probably needs more than one nap this year!
Paul (2011):
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • Do one date a week (even if it's feeding the kids, putting them to bed, and then eating a quiet dinner together), and a real date (planned, paid for and paired off) once a month
  • Have the trampoline in by March 17th, and the backyard pretty functional by the end of the year
  • Help Molly train for, yet another, half-marathon after baby comes
Well, there you have it. Our goals for the next year. I don't think we did too bad this year. We still have a lot to work on. We're grateful for the opportunity to reevaluate things and start anew. Good luck to everyone with their New Year's Resolutions. May you be productive and happy!

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Anderson Family said...

Wow! Another half marathon this year? You're amazing, especially if you get it done with 4 kids (I can't imagine it with 2!). Maybe I'll just have to join you for motivation!