Saturday, January 15, 2011

African Safari

Entering the Safari.
Olivia and the giant turtle

Walking with the elephants.

That's probably not the best place to be...

or there.

They got to ride the elephant.

They tried to ride the large lizards.

Ewan just enjoyed walking around.

Aislee petting the small turtles.


Olivia petting the turtles.

We stopped to pet the lion pride. They were busy drinking at the river, so the girls  hopped on for a ride.

They weren't too fond of the hippo. He was standing on a small turtle.

Paul and Ewan.

Olivia liked to ride everything! She got on the pig all by herself.

Paul wanted Ewan to join.

Ewan tried to escape early.

Olivia couldn't get up to the Big Horn Sheep, but she kept asking to ride one.
Since the weather has been so nice here (70s), we decided to go to the safari trail to see the animals. It was a little too warm for a jacket, but the twins insisted on wearing one. We walked down the trail and met the various African (or not-so-African) animals that we came across. It was kind of fun to see the kids' reactions to the animals. Olivia didn't seem scared at all. Aislee and Ewan on the other hand were a little apprehensive, but Aislee came around very quickly after she realized that they were not real and could not hurt her.


Burkinshaw Family said...

What a great adventure with the wild animals (which was which? - ar arr arrr). Thank you for letting us share in what the little sweeties are doing. We love it!

Hayley and Dave said...

I love the picture of the kids on the pigs! Awesome! You have some cute kids