Thursday, January 6, 2011


Paul and I decided to put the kids' Christmas present together before we left for Oklahoma. Grandma and Grandpa Einfeldt got them a walk-in kitchen. It wasn't very hard to put together, and it was kind of fun getting it all set up and ready for them as a surprise. I'm hoping it will keep them in their kitchen while I'm in mine. We got Olivia a play doctor's bag, Aislee some more blocks, and Ewan a toy broom.

He's so handy!

It has "granite" counter tops and "stainless steel" appliances.

At first, they didn't even notice the kitchen and went straight for the wrapped packages on the table. We didn't do a tree this year, but we're planning on one next year.

Aislee's blocks

Olivia's doctor's bag

I couldn't find a broom at Wal-mart or our Toys-R-Us, but we found one in OK. We let him open their quiet toys for church.

It's just their size! They played all that morning while I packed for the trip. I now know that I say, "Come on. It's ready" a lot. Aislee kept calling for me to come and eat.


Hayley and Dave said...

That is one deluxe kitchen! Very cute!

Jenni said...

What a cute kitchen! I have never seen a walk-in one like that!