Sunday, January 30, 2011


I thought that my 100th post might be something kind of important, but it's not. This is just an update on us. We're just hanging out, trying to stay busy, and enjoying the warmth of AZ winters. I started doing a little preschool with a few of the ladies in our neighborhood for the girls. It's twice a week for an hour and a half. The girls enjoying spending time with other kids, doing craft things, and learning all the sounds of the alphabet. Ewan and I enjoy spending time together. I've figured out that it's a lot easier to take one to Wal-Mart. The twins are starting to show a little interest in potty-training. Olivia has been a little more interested than Aislee, but I think we'll wait a little longer. I don't want to push them, or stress myself out. Diapers aren't so bad. My mom says, " Life is too short to spend so much time sitting on the edge of the tub." I think she's right, so we'll take it a little slow. The twins love being outside with Paul while he works on the trampoline hole. He's done quite a bit of it, and he's only worked on it for one weekend. Paul is enjoying the winters here also. We want to get the yard a little more functional before he starts the master's program in January of 2012. He got into the Johns Hopkins program that Raytheon does. We're very excited, but a little nervous having four little ones and a busy Daddy. Ewan is just getting bigger and figuring out life. He likes to follow the twins around wherever they go. He likes action and being busy. He'd do a very good job coloring if he'd stop putting every crayon in his mouth. He's still our good sleeper and eater. Ewan's working on not biting the twins when they get him frustrated. We've had to have a few Family Home Evenings on biting and what to do when Ewan bites. The twins say, "Ouch baby. Teeth or for eating." This pregnancy has been a lot easier than the last two. I still take medicine for the morning sickness, but it's really not as bad. Smells get me sometimes, and I look forward to being able to exercise. I have to pick paint colors for the house soon so that I can get some projects checked off my list before the baby comes. It's hard to pick a color that you're gonna have to look at every day for a while!  The baby is fine as far as we know. We're still not quite sure what we're having, but we'll take the ultrasound and call the baby a "her" for now. I haven't had an appointment for a while (almost 8 weeks) because my OB had to reschedule due to a death in the family, and then rescheduled me again. My next appointment is February 11th. Other than playing the waiting game, we're doing pretty well. Here are some pics of the latest adventures at the Burkinshaw household.

Helping me clean the house.

Riding the broom.

Ewan always smiles when he sees I have the camera.

Bath time crazy hair (Olivia).

We were telling them to cover themselves for the picture. They did a pretty good job.

Ewan is sleep eating while we drove.

He loves oatmeal!

The hole. It's actually a little deeper now. They really like the help him, but I only let them really get out there when he's been out for a while and I need him to come inside. It doesn't take long for him to not get a whole lot done and want to get everyone inside.

Saturday morning bubble bath in Mom and Dad's tub.

We got these chairs before Christmas so they could sit on the porch and watch Paul shovel. They like to watch movies in 'em.

26 weeks and 4 days. Just counting down!


The Clark's said...

Congrats on 100 posts! Also good luck to Paul starting his Masters. I must say I'm glad we are on the other end and almost done with school. School stinks.

Whitney Johnson said...

haha oh my gosh i love all these pictures! the sleep eating one is my favorite :) and i swear you barely look preg! congratulations on your 100th post :)

Jenni said...

I totally missed my 100 and 200th posts...oh well! I can't believe Paul is digging that huge hole with just a little shovel. That would be a TON of work! You are lookin' good. Keep those belly shots comming...It's fun to be right around the same time!

PatrickandErica said...

Yea for 100 posts - I'll hit never at the rate I blog! You might as well be 26 seconds prego - you look great! - hope you are feeling great too these days!

Ang & Brace said...

Molly you looks so good pregnant! Your kids are darling, hopefully we can get together again soon:)

Lizzie N said...

ur kids are adorable! and you look way good girl! you guys look very happy : )

Kirsten said...

Wow, your kids are getting big! Ewan is especially looking more grown up. It is fun seeing these pictures. It looks like things are going well for you guys! We miss you here in Tucson. Good luck with the rest of your time being prego. You look great!