Thursday, January 6, 2011


We left for Oklahoma at 1:30pm on Tuesday, stopped in Tucamcari for the night, and arrived in Bartlesville Wednesday afternoon. We spent two weeks with Paul's family, and enjoyed every minute! We got to meet Baby Caleb, play with Sam, Spencer, Sabrina, Grace, and Benson. The girls really took to Sabrina and Grace. They had a lot of fun doing "big girl" stuff. Hopefully, potty-training will be in their near future!
Christmas morning

Aislee with her gift from Grandma and Grandpa

We were the first ones up since we get up so early every day! We were surprised that Aunt Sarah and Aunt Jenny had to be woken up!

The kids got pillow pets. Olivia had a hard time choosing which one she wanted. I think she's settled on the bumble bee.

We also got The New Testament animated dvds. We now have more appropriate Sunday movies. I was getting tired of Cinderella!

Paul serenaded us on the piano. Ewan helped. I could listen to Paul play all day! We should really get a piano sometime. Maybe next year...

The grandkids enjoyed dancing with Grandma and Grandpa. We introduced them to "I've got a new way to walk".

The twins get a little crazy sometimes!

We went to the church and played Two-step, Slaughter-Ball and volleyball. The grandparents were kind enough to watch the kids while the adults threw Nerf balls at each other in the gym.

We also went bowling at the Phillips rec center. After, we shot around in the gym. My game isn't what it once was!

But Paul's is!

We took our cousin, Anderson's friend Flat Stanley around Bartlesville.

He enjoyed playing Ring-Around-The-Rosies

Watching Mulan II

and going to church.

The kids loved playing upstairs with Spencer's toys.

He was a very good sharer.

We went to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa with Spencer and Grandpa.

They loved looking at the Sting-Rays

Making fishy-faces at the fish.

and Finding Nemo. They had a tank with little clown fish and one that looks like Dori.

They didn't really touch the Sting-Ray even though they were sticking their hands in the tank. Every time one would get close enough, they'd pull their hands our of the water.

Spencer was Olivia's partner in crime. They were really quiet one evening. When Kathleen and Paul went looking for them, they found them in Grandma's bathroom. They found her make-up!

It took a few make-up-removing wipes to get Olivia's face back to normal.


Hayley and Dave said...

What a fun christmas!

Burkinshaw Family said...

We're ready to do this again! We'll be down in Arizona in May/June for the new addition!