Sunday, July 4, 2010

Teeth, Toys and T...bloody noses!

Happy 4th of July! We love three day weekends when Paul gets to be home a little bit more! We spent yesterday cleaning the apartment and swimming. Tomorrow, we plan on going to the Children's Museum and going swimming. We love it when Paul is home because we get out of the house more. It's hard for me to get out by myself with all three of the kids. I don't have enough hands. My mom always says that with each child, women should get another set of hands. We'd look funny, but they'd be useful! You'd be amazed at how many things you can do with one hand (and how many things you can't!)!

Breakfast. The girls got new eating chairs after one of them broke and we couldn't handle taping it over and over every meal, especially when they learned how to rip the tape off. So much for child-proofing the dvds!

Ewan loves to be thrown in the air. I think I'll have to get all of them into gymnastics or something. They all love to be flipped, thrown and tossed. What we really need is a yard with a trampoline!

Aislee at the pool.

Olivia at the pool.

So, here's the story. I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen. Paul had put Ewan in his eating chair and given him a cracker to keep him busy while Paul helped me with a few things. Aislee was trying to be the "mommy" and rock Ewan. One of their bedtime books says, "They rock, and rock, and rock to sleep." She was trying to rock him to sleep. Both our backs were turned when we heard him cry. We turned around and he was face down in his eating chair which was tipped forward. Aislee tried to help him up, but Paul got their faster and saved the day. Ewan only cried for a second. He got plenty of kisses from Aislee and lots of, "I nice baby". She came into the bathroom while I cleaned him up so that she could help. She was quite concerned. Ewan is just fine, a little bruised, but just fine. I've never had a bloody nose, but he makes it look not-so-bad...

Ewan is also sporting a pair of teeth. Sorry for the blurry picture, but the flash just made it really bright. He likes to chomp on things, but luckily for me, he's usually too busy eating to bite!

Olivia loves to play with Ewan under the table.

The twins run and hide under the table when I need to get them to do something (diapers, nap, say Sorry).

After nap hair, lovely isn't it?

"We're so glad when Daddy comes home!"

I ordered some new toys. We haven't gotten new toys since Christmas. This was mainly for me, not for them, but they like them and I like that they like them!

"Ring around the Rosie's!"

I tried to do curlers in their hair for Church, but I don't think I put enough in. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped. It's good thing they're young and I can keep trying.

I think I need to do two rows or so.

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Arianne said...

It all sound so fun! I wish we had access to a pool! See you in a few weeks!