Monday, July 26, 2010

Get ready! Get set! GO!

We're getting ready to go to Lake Powell! We're all very excited! My family has been going to Lake Powell since the beginning of time (30+ years). It's our favorite vacation. My grandparents have a house boat, and we've always gone. Paul and I have never gone together. Our first summer married, we were in Oklahoma City for Paul's internship and were unable to go. Our second summer, I was pregnant with the twins and due in September. The doctor said NO BOATS and absolutely NO water skiing. Last summer, I was pregnant with Ewan and having some heart issues and a little preterm labor scare. SO...we're not expecting this summer. We're off to Lake Powell to enjoy the sun (not like we don't get enough of it...!), enjoy the food, and more importantly enjoy family! We (me) cannot wait! We're not going the whole week, but Thursday to the end of the trip! We've been preparing a little bit. We've also been enjoying some pool time with our buddy Amelia, and her little brother RE. Ewan and RE like to play on the floor while Lisa and I talk and the girls play.

Playing at Amelia's in her pool.

They loved splashing and laughing at each other. Aislee thinks Amelia is hilarious!

Cooling off

Aislee practicing her backstroke.

Olivia practicing how she will fall asleep in her life jacket (probably more than once) this week


Thanks to Amelia, we've learned to smile when somebody says CHEESE!

Paul and I have been doing a little resistance training when he gets home from work. He's so good to help me with my training! I really like working out with him. I wish we could work out a way to run together. We put Little Eistein's on for the kids so they're not crawling all over us. It's the only time they get to watch it, so they get pretty enthralled!

Ewan walks around the table all day long. He's learning that it's very dangerous to let go!

Sitting at the table. Aislee's my little mother. She keeps him safe. Olivia is very good to unplug the fans when Ewan crawls too close.

Olivia's bruise is healing nicely.

Aislee loves to show Ewan how to play with toys.

We do a lot of playing. I don't really know how to have structured time when they don't really get what I'm trying to do. Maybe when they're a little more past 2.

He's my kid!

He loves to crawl into the pantry when the eating chairs are set up. As long as the sisters don't shut him in their, he's a happy camper!

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Hayley and Dave said...

What cute kids and we wish we could go to the lake too! Have fun