Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, I'm still trying to post more often, but I need to be better about taking pictures more consistently. I take the camera with me, but I always forget to snap a shot. I'd have to blame it on the fact that I don't usually have a free hand to hold the camera! So, for an update...We've moved everybody around! The girls were back in a crib for a few months, but it was getting very crowded. They wanted two big pillows, big blankets, all their stuffed animals...there wasn't any room for kids! We had gotten a mattress a while ago, but weren't quite ready for more loss of sleep, but the crib arrangement was getting out of hand. They're now in a bed! They've done pretty well. They like to have one of us in their until they fall asleep. It's kinda hard, but they'll learn, right? At least that's what people keep telling me. For naps, they'll go and read a book and fall asleep. They know that they have to stay in the room and on their bed. Ewan is now in the crib. We think he likes it okay. He sleeps. The first night he woke up, but we think he was probably a little chilly. With that fixed, he's been doing pretty well in his new bed.

nap time. Ssshhhh....

I'm hoping they'll learn how to sleep in more conventional positions.

Olivia is sporting my running shoes. I have ten weeks left of training. I'm upto 8 miles on Saturdays. It's not so bad. Sometimes, 5am comes way too quickly, but it'll eventually cool off here and I'll be able to sleep in until 5:30!

Aislee and the running shoes. I just hope they'll be good little travelers for me. I'm optimistic, but I'll never know what I can do until I try.

I just love his tummy. He likes graham crackers, bananas, yogurt, Fish crackers, and really anything he has tried (except for green beans).

Isn't he handsome? He's just so cute!

My three kids playing.

So this is one of my latest recipes. I found a broccoli cheese soup recipe similar to Panera. I really like bread bowls, but Quiznos has stopped making them, and we do not have a Panera. I found a recipe online for a bread machine bread bowl. The rolls looked really good until I added the egg wash. Then they fell. They were fine, just not as "bowl"-y as I would have liked. Good thing I can always try again!


Anderson Family said...

That's a lot of stuff in bed with them! As for congenital sleeping, Kira still sprawls out like a gas to fill whatever space she can. I just hope they start sleeping more for you.

Kathy said...

That's my favorite soup too! I would love to get your recipe for the soup and the bread bowl.