Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep? I never heard such a thing!

The learning curve of being a parent can be somewhat...I dunno! Paul and I have been trying to figure out how to get the twins to stay in their bed and go to sleep. We have tried everything! We have now come to conclusion that twins feed off of each others energy! One will be utterly exhausted and the other will want to play. Guess who wins? The one who wants to play. They would be up all night long, talking and playing in their room if it were upto them! After staying up from 2am to 8am Sunday, we are tired! We're tying to make bedtime not such a horrible thing with stories and songs and a lot of hugs and kisses. Nap time (some may say that they don't need a nap, but they do...we've tried the no nap thing), has become a little nicer with more books, songs, and me just laying with them. I've learned that Aislee will go to sleep by herself if Olivia's not there to play with. Olivia absolutely has to have the stuffed dog (Mendenhall) or sleep will never occur. Other than Paul and I being totally and completely exhausted, life is good. Ewan is getting bigger and pulling himself up onto everything. He wishes he could walk, and most days I wish he could walk too! He's getting to be such a kid! He just wants to play with the sisters, eat what they eat, drink what they drink...it's a good thing he doesn't want to wear what they wear! We've also spent some time up Mt. Lemmon to cool off. It's 15 degrees cooler up there and has a lot more shade! Maybe next weekend, we'll go for a picnic. We're getting ready for Lake Powell next week. We've gotten life-jackets for the kids. They don't seem too terribly comfortable, but they'll learn that it's just the way we roll at the Lake.

Ewan likes broccoli. I know Paul hates to hear it, but his kids like their vegetables.

Why did I buy new toys?

Olivia's goose egg. Yes, it's HUGE! Paul scared her a bit, and she ran right into the corner of a door. It was just the right spot. It's getting better.

Best friends. Hopefully they can continue being friendly, and maybe a little more friendly.

Aislee's angry face. I think Paul asked for the phone.

Ewan is just happy to sip on some cold water.

Playing in the forest.

My happy kid.

Aislee and Olivia were happy to wander. We're looking forward to having a yard that they can wander around.

Trying to get some family pictures.

It's hard to get them to sit still long enough to do anything!

Daddy and Ewan

It's nice when they realize they need help. Olivia saying, "hand".

Mt. Lemmon doesn't really feel like the desert.

Olivia walking with Paul.

Aislee didn't want to wait for me.

Isn't he such a kid?!? He's such a good little guy. I think he kinda looks like me in this picture, a much more handsome-boyish me.

Ewan tries to eat their food. Before he could eat it, they were always trying to share. Now that he can eat some of it, they get kinda bugged at him when he tries. Sisters!


Jenni K said...

Hey! I've been meaning to tell you way to go with all your running! We are actually training for a race too in November, but we are only up to 6 miles right now...and we have a LONG way to go! I can't believe how early you have to get up to run though...plus with all this sleep exhaustion, how in the world do you get through the day?

Holly said...

Molly, Ewan DOES look like you in that picture! These are seriously three of the cutest kids on the planet, and you're such a beautiful, strong woman!

The Eve's said...

Look at Ewan's rubberband arms! So cute! Aislee's mean face is hilarious! Glad you guys are staying cool. I think your hand slipped when you said Powell...you mean Grand Lake!